Happy 14 all!
1 more day to the end of CNY which also means 1 last day of feasting to go.
This CNY feels like forever. 
I'm still in a complete holiday mood thou work has already started on Monday. 
It's time for me to tune to my usual sleeping hours and get my 'workaholic' momentum back.

Starting the entry with a shot of my gelish nails I did for $45.
I'm so embarrassed to post this up cos of my small and short nails.
In case you are wondering, why so short? So here it goes.. 

A new sponsor who was doing house-call only nail services approached me before CNY. 
House-call only meaning the manicurist will travel to your convenience/place instead.
I was like omg this is god sent cos I no longer have to travel all the way to the west for pretty nails.
The manicurist said she specializes in acrylic extensions and so we confirmed on a date and location. 

The day before meeting her, I trimmed my nails real short since I was gonna have extensions.
Really excited and already chosen the design I wanted, I texted her again to confirm on the time. 
Guess what? 
She was no longer keen in sponsoring me alone cos she preferred to do a collaboration with our online store+me.
I was so sad and tried to keep my cool and replied 'Ok sure' 
I could only blame myself for cutting my nails short. 

Any nails sponsors out there? 
(as long as youre not located in the west haha *not shy*) 

Here's my favourite aztec gelish done by my previous nail sponsor, Trina (
Thankyou the past few sets you did for me, you're awesome!  
For those staying in the west, lucky you! 

Alright back to pictures from CNY
Day1 with my super mom! 

With my youngest cousin wearing Garden Grandeur :) 


Their dope heels! 

Wearing Mademoiselle dress(Petite) launching in our first Spring series tomorrow morning at 1130am.
Love the gold embroidered details, I'm wearing size S btw! 

With Sean's family for Lou Hei

Both Clarissa and Charlene decked in Ohvola heh

My type!

Went home and took a little family shot of us! 
Taylor was very cooperative and looked straight at the camera the very first snap:) 

Taylor and his angbao! 

His ootd, swag in his hoodie! 

My outfit for Day3, in Dallas Stud Top and Lauren Pants that many of you have been waiting for!  

Meet this little one, Maryjane. She's a maltese + poodle! 

Rainee brought her around for visiting, she's such a cutie!! 

Digging Dennis' Hater Cap

Sean in love with my new camera! 

Ree looking smokin hot in Gwyneth dress! 



Back at Orchid Live Seafood for Sean's Mom birthday

The best lobster porridge!!

Really generous w the lobsters

Must order: Steven Chicken! 

The happy family :) 

Steamboat at Dennis'

Early ones! 

Pretty Brenda in Adore Lace Top :) 

Loving good times like this!

Update on my staycation at Quincy next!
Till then..


  1. Is the blue dress in the photo taken with Brenda upcoming?

  2. You can try this, her fb page: located at Yishun.

    1. Thanks for recommending! Hope someone email me soon :)

    2. Hi Jo, did anyone reply you?

  3. May I know where did you get your Chanel necklace from? How much was it?

  4. It belongs to my eldest sister, it should be from Taka for $400!

  5. Is XS for MADEMOISELLE DRESS too small for you? The measurement looks like a normal size s though :/

    1. Hi dear yes XS is tight on me. As the cutting for the dress is cut in, the ptp should be slightly bigger:)

  6. Hello, can I check with you got your shoes you paired with Mademoiselle Dress?

  7. 'Really Generous Lobsters'? LOL

  8. you're rich, why can't you afford a manicurist, instead of finding a sponsor?

  9. Hi Jolene! May I know if the white top as seen pairing with the LAUREN PANTS in the studio photos, an upcoming item from Ohvola? Really love it! Any other colours? :)

  10. Hi Jolene, may i know where you got the black pointed covered heels you wore with the black dallas stud top & yellow lauren pants? Very pretty, simple & sleek. :)

  11. Hi jolene, pls open backorder for the lauren pants esp. tea rose?it was sold out within minutes though i have logged on to purchase at 11.30am sharp yesterday :-(

  12. Hi Jolene, may i ask how do you and lu order things from taobao? go thru by agent or? and also, how do you girls measure your feet for the heels you going to buy. Pls help me. i want to get alot things from there but i don't know how to. thank you so much.

    1. Hello so sorry but our friend Rainee ordered it for us. We didn't measure our feet, we just took our usual size so there were a couple of hits and misses.

  13. where did you perm your hair? what kind of perm is it?

    1. I didn't perm my hair, I curl it when I have the time!

  14. Hi Jo, consider having more colours for the lauren pants? :) the fit and material is great!

  15. Hi Jolene, may I know whats your usual jeans size? I'm a size 27 but I'm not sure which size to get for the Lauren pants

    1. Hi! I'm a 26 and wear size S! The material is very stretchy so yup size S should be find for you as well if you dont mind it to be very hugging.

  16. Hi Jo, when is the next launch? :)

  17. which brand of curler do you use?

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  19. Hello

    Can I have the measurements for Gwyneth dress (red)?
    Since you took it down from site, I am not sure where I can find it anymore.


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