Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Happy Lunar New Year! May everyone stay healthy, happy and wealthy! 
This year of snake is gonna be a great one :D 

Finally it's my favorite time of the year. The past few weeks has been a real hectic one with only 5-6hrs of sleep everyday. So yes it's time for a short break, the office will be closed till 17th. We're just gonna have our much needed rest and will be recharged and ready for Spring '13!

Meanwhile do take part in our Instagram contest to win Ohvola vouchers
Love this banner Lu designed! 
(p/s we are unable to view the # and the pic if your account is private)

A pretty 'snake' plait my little cousin braided for me while I was playing mahjong just now. 
Her first trial and it looks so good! 

And lastly here's my baby Taylor on a box of shoes for the sisters 
So glad it got delivered to us last night at 10pm. Gonna dress him up for the next 3 days!

So girls, ignore the calories and enjoy the new year to the fullest!
Till then.. 


  1. Hi Jolene!

    May I know where you got your blue dress/top in this post?
    Thank you in advance! (:

  2. Hi! It's a floral dress from Bkk:)


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