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Yesterday the surprise ninjas were up to another surprise at Flutes at the Fort. Everything was going smooth until the smart birthday girl Jerrine saw our cars at the carpark all side by side and realised something was not right.
Long flight of stairs up

Located on top of a hill

 Lovely setting, I'm sure it's gonna be romantic to dine here at night! 

 Jer & Morg :)

From all of us to the birthday girl!
We spent more than an hour at the store and learnt so much about Pandora.
Didn't know much about it cos all I know was adding charm and more charms to the bracelet but there are different meanings to each and every charm. 
Koped from Jer's insta!

My hair is in a bad shape, need to fix it asap! 

We went for the $38++ 3 course meal 
 Starters: Spicy Tomato Soup

 Starters: Deep Fried Foie Gras

Starters: Smoked Salmon with Poached Egg

 Mains: Spaghetti with Prawns

 Mains: Seared Striploin 

Mains: Eggs Benedict

 Dessert: Belgian Waffle w Ice-cream

Our private dining area! 

 Happy birthday again Jer! 

The food was average imo, guess the ambience and company made up for it! 

What I wore: In Splendid Pop Top in a lovely print, love the combination of bustier and peplum :) 

Last Wednesday, We were invited to the Gala Premiere of Ah Boys To Men 2. Have been looking forward to it ever since the first movie. So glad to be able to catch it before it was released.
Thank you Gushcloud for the tickets! 

Lu and I :) 

With the rest of the Gushcloud bloggers
A really unflattering angle, I'm like a giant next to them. 

A shot with the ever gorgeous Dingxuan, no doubt W's 女神!

 Go catch it and have a good laugh if you haven't!
The 家 'Ninja' part was epic lol
Boys To Men is indeed one of the best SG films I've watched in a while. 

What I wore that night: Hannabeth Dress in Daffodil, a simple dress with a perfect cut :) 

The night before, we caught the Grandmasters at Nex. Saw some Fb status saying how they love the movie but honestly I really don't know how to appreciate slow motion films like this. Dozed off twice and saw a couple leaving the cinema halfway through. 
Hmm.. go catch it only if youre a fan of such films.  
 Having our fav teppanki @Yaki Yaki Bo

 The only beans sprouts i like! So yumz

 Beef and seafood set

Big and fresh scallops!

Wearing Winstone Dress in red :) 

& some other outfits to share 

Garden Grandeur Dress in an absolute perfect fit and print! 
Nice pop of colours isn't it? The material is lightly stretchable btw:) 

And lastly, presenting my favourite Loewe dress(Petite)! 
So glad the shipment arrived in time for this collection. 

Heart the peek-a-boo back to bits! 

Don't miss the final CNY launch tonight at 8pm! 
Self collection at our office available, check out Ohvola's blog for more details :) 

Till then..


  1. Hi dear! Sizing runs smaller for Loewe dress, u wearing size S? Thanks! Cant wait for tonight's launch! :)♥

  2. Yes dear at the waist area! I'm wearing size S :)

  3. hello i'm around desiree's build do you think i will be able to fit size M for loewe ? I always buy S and it has always been 12.5 inch and i dont know about this one but i want it so badly :(

    1. Hello the ptp should be fine but it depends on your waist size. We will conduct a BO of not petite version for Loewe!

  4. Hello. The hannahbeth dress fit u nicely at de ptp or with allowance?

  5. Is that a Celine bag? Nice colour! How much you got it for?

  6. may I know where did u bought ur blue jewel necklace at? (:

  7. Hello! Is there any allowance at the waist area for you for Loewe Dress?
    I'm a UK8 ptp 15.5 and waist 12. Should I get S or M for the dress? :)

  8. Hi dear, may i know your ptp measurement? want to use it as a gauge. Thanks! :)

  9. Hi Jolene, May I know where Jer got her white floral dress from? Tks.
    I am UK8, which size should I get for hannahbeth dress ? I can wear S for Julieta Lace Frock.

  10. Hi, can I ask how much did you pay for your Celine bag? From Singapore?

  11. hi, may i know when will be the last day of mailing for the newest collection?? hoping to get my items before cny!!

  12. hi jolene, can i know where did you and lu got your heels from when you girls when for the ah boys to men?

  13. hi Jolene, love your hair! did you perm it or self curl? pls share the brand of your hair curler! gorgeous :)

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