Feb's Adventure

Hola! Here's my very belated post on my Vday spent at Quincy Hotel. 
It wasn't a surprise for me cos Sean gave me a few choices of Boutique hotel to choose from! Hah

Our room for the night

The good thing about this Qool package is that all 3 meals are included!  
The pretty lobby cum dinning area 

Lunch is served! 

There was also pastas and other chinese cuisine to choose from but was feeling for some sandwiches.

Went touring around the hotel, decked in Vicktoria Jacket Dark :)

Was expecting a crowd at the pool and was surprised to see no one despite the awesome weather!   

Then was baking session arranged by the hotel.
Because it was Valentines week, they had 2 time slots for the classes instead of 1. Lucky us!
It's only available on Saturday for those we are keen. 

Sean looking all excited!

Some icing cream and decorative sprinkles prepared by them
Then comes the mini competition among the 6 couples.

 The end product which I thought was quite pretty but unfortunately ours didn't make it :/

Some other pretty cupcakes!  

Jr and Brenda were there for a post Vday celebration as well :)

Dinner time which we had to make reservation for as there were very limited seats at the dinning area

After dinner, they had movie screening by the pool with free flow snacks. How thoughtful of them! 

 Day2's getup!
It's a pity we overslept and missed the breakfast. I heard the variety was wide and pretty good!
Oh well.. we never made it for any breakfast in all our hotel stays so far.

Ohvola's outdoor shoot at Punggol Marina last weekend! 
With the gorg Freda who is always on time despite the super early call time on a Sunday!  

Snow white!

Super model Sherena, never fail to impress us with her professionalism! 

Hair check! Makeup check! 

The sea sick MUA! 

Poser Dennis with Dee doing her thing! 

Loveliest people to work with ;)
Love how the pictures turned out, looking forward to the next shoot with them! 

Bkk 2 weeks back
B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l sky

Finally watched Pitch Perfect after hearing all the good reviews, I love fat Amy!

In Mikrose Crochet Top :) 

Stumbled up this cafe, YingDew Home-made while shopping at Siam!

Everyone loves rainbow cake! 

The annoyed boyfriend who finished his ice-cream while I was still taking pics of the cake! 

Located right beside the highly raved SomTam!
All these for less than $10 and we had the yummiest fried chicken ever! 

The helpful waiter who offered to help us snap a pic! 
Definitely coming back with an empty stomach the next time we visit Siam.

Day2's outfit, in Galleria Top cobalt blue

Back at Greyhound for dinner

Love their crabmeat linguine

Day 3's outfit! 

That's about it, am missing Bkk already

Sorry for the abrupt end, mahjong's calling me!
Have a good week ahead ya'll
Till then..


  1. Your pictures are all so nice! What camera you used to take? Would you recommend Quincy hotel for any special occasion?

  2. Thankyou! I'm using Samsung Ex2f :)
    The room we had is kinda small so it's suitable for only 2pax, prolly anniversaries? :)

  3. i love your cobalt bag ! may i know where is it from? and i'm sorry about your lost phone :( that thief will get bad karma!!

  4. People today have no morals :( The bag is from bkk btw!

  5. Hi Jo, where did u get the white shirt from? :)

    1. consider manufacturing the shirt? :) its hard to find shirt with such good fit.

  6. hi, is the jade skirt u wore at the 5th photo available in ohvola collection :)?

  7. oh man i lost my phone the same way! in the toilet and i noticed just 2 minutes later, went back, but it was gone :((

    do you personally prefer the viktoria jacket in light or dark? :)

    1. I took like 5mins to realised, how sad :(
      I prefer dark!

  8. hey Jolene, do you used to wear braces?

    1. Yep during my primary school days but it's getting crooked :/

  9. Hello Jolene! Will there be extra Lilyan overlay top from BO in white (s)? :(


  10. Hi Jo, when is the new launch? :)

  11. hi babe! do you think it's advisable to go bkk during songkran festival? will the malls be opened?


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