Le Noir

So on Wednesday we headed down to Mbs for Le Noir!  

Heard alot of good reviews of the show and was super thrilled to have the opportunity to catch it ourselves :)   

With Lu before the 8pm show

The very entertaining performance had 3 different themes, black red and white which I thought the female performers looked a lil like VS angels!

Kept breaking into cold sweat for this guy when he had to balance on the pipes and went higher and higher~
My favourite part was where this pair had to spin at full speed on a tiny platform on roller skates, damn good man!

Was so fascinated by all the stunts and acts
 Unlike other performances, Le Noir's very engaging whereby they simply grab the audience up the stage. It's damn hilarious, you just got to see it for yourself! 

My +1 for the night

With Audrey and Shine :) 

And the rest of the Gushcloud bloggers! 

What I wore that night.

Don't miss the chance to catch this amazing show as it closes on 7th April.
 Get your tickets now here

Thankyou Gushcloud for the night!


  1. what size and colour is ur Cambridge satchel? Got it from? Thanks!


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