Dream X Playhouse X Dom

Hi all I'm back! Back in one piece hah
So yea I'm such a joke for worrying about this and that. 
Super embarrassed about how overly paranoid I was in my previous post.
The people in Seoul are super chill please lol. 

Lu showed me this picture the night before when I was still persuading them to give the trip a miss
So glad I went for the 8D7N tour with the other lovely 8 ^^

Massive pictures from partying with the weekly sports kakis a few weeks back!
If you dont already know, Club Dream took over Zirca last month

Quoted from Dennis 'It was my best clubbing night ever'

 Thankyou Mok for the awesome night, we sure did enjoy ourselves! 

A super impromptu Tuesday night to Playhouse after our weekly sports! 
We were having supper at Bedok85 when Willie started asking us all to party. 
And guess what, he succeeded in persuading more than half of us
Dear Willie, you should really consider doing sales! 
 With the ever steady girls, Mitch& Ree who had to wake up early the next morning for work

 The red lobsters, Wayne Dennis Sean and Willie

 Call us the camo couple! 

My best friend is a 美女

And so we had a super crazy night! 
Playhouse was really empty but you know what they say it's the company that matters ;)

My first time to DOM at Mbs; no doubt the prettiest club!

 Even the wine glass is pretty!

Meet Chanel, who should totally be a superstar! 
I'm completely hooked onto the song 'Just give me a reason' after hearing her sing live in the ktv :o

With the 20year-old 妹 Emme who's 1.72m?! How unfair! 

 My not very sober Monsterz 

 Love my favourite weekly sports turned clubbing kakis!

Now I should start filtering the 692pics taken in Korea
Till then...  


  1. Hi, sorry to be posting this on your blog, but i am not receiving any reply from the customer service team at Ohvola!
    Im supposed to receive a refund but this issue has been dragging for more than 2 weeks with no refund made! i hope you can get back to me asap, thanks!

    My order number is #30166

    1. Hi there, so sorry to have kept you waiting!
      You should receive a reply from the team by now.

  2. Hi! where did you get the camo pants & black top from??


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