Salon Vim; I love my hair

If you've been following me on instagram you'd have known that i've gone for a new look! 
Been wanting to fix my hair ever since my hair colour went wrong when I dyed it at one of the neighborhood salons in Serangoon.

So glad to have Salon Vim as my new hair sponsor :)

The name Salon Vim definitely needs no introduction! 
Was telling them whenever I see someone on the streets with outstanding hair colour, the first thing comes to my mind that he/she must be a happy customer of Salon Vim.

Arrived at the 313 outlet! 

 Here's how I look when I don't curl or straighten my hair
Check out those dry and damaged split ends :/

Super excited looking at this colour chart ^^
Had an idea of having pink hair before heading to the salon but didn't know there were 2 different shades of pink to choose from! Was so torn between cotton candy and hot pink.

So I consulted my stylist and she told me to go ahead with hot pink! 

Meet my stylist Fiona who has so much swag! 
She's really nice so do look for her when you make an appointment with them :) 
Major love her short hair, wish I had the guts to go for it someday

Going for a darker base colour, check out the pink dye at the back!

Was advised to do the legendary Redken Cocktail Treatment because my hair was too brittle and dry. 
Basically it's a 3-step treatment that is set to target different hair issues, mixing several serums and lotions in a cocktail shaker to obtain a treatment that is specially created for you. 
And lastly just let the steam machine do the job!


After 4 hours of Trim + Dye + Treatment...
Presenting you my new hair, Fiona calls it 'Internal Shadow Dip Dye with hot hot pink' 
Goodbye boring 'rusty' hair! 

I really like how the hot pink is hidden and can only be seen when the hair is curled :)
My hair felt even softer than it was before I had it coloured!

 Thank you Salon Vim and Fiona for this new hairdo! 
I'm still very in love with it :) 

 The 2 products from Redken and Loreal I brought home that day.
Has been diligently using them to maintain the condition of my hair!

My hair is my best accessory

The best part of this post is that, Salon Vim is offering my readers a 10% off for your first visit :)
Simply quote my name 'Jolene' for the discount!

Salon Vim By Chez Vous

313 @Somerset Orchard Road #04-07/08/09 S238895
68847757 / 68847767 (313 Outlet)

235/235A Victoria Street S188027
68370073 / 68370045 (Bugis Outlet) 


  1. Hi Jolene! I loveee the black chanel necklace you wore on ohvola's upcoming collection tmr! May I know where did you purchase that from/ how much is it?

  2. Hello! I got it from Bkk airport around 2 years back for $300+ :)

  3. hi jolene, i sent you an email previously about this. It's about the ohvola wooden blocks that your friend desiree got it during the office warming post. Do you have any idea where I can get those? Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi Jo, when will the white spag bustier be launched? :)

  5. Really- very important tips about Best Aveda Hair Salon NEW YORK...........thanks for sharing .

  6. How much does an ombré cost in this salon? I have a Manic Panic in Mandarin on my hair and I'm super loving it! These temporary hair dyes are so cool and funky! By the way, I love your new ombré hair! :) It looks good!


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