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Korea V.2; Day5-8

Day5 Breakfast at Inter-Burgo Hotel
Heavy breakfast before 1hr drive to Daejeon

Arrived at Daejeon's fruit farm for strawberry picking!  They are so juicy and sweet unlike the ones we buy in Sg!
Evidence of eating strawberries while plucking left on my lip :/

Lucky us get to bring a box of strawberries back! Wanted to bring them back home but Sean and I checked out of the hotel leaving the untouched box in the fridge :< Then Maisan Provinicial Park for more sight-seeing

Then to Jeongju Traditional Culture Centre where we can experience and witness the Korean traditional wedding ceremony Hanji craft mirror making
Ended up being the bride of the ceremony because Sean volunteered to be the groom lol  Kinda embarrassed cos the rest of the people in our tour watched us go through the entire thing.