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Hello! I'm finally back with the long awaited post on my vacation to Korea.
Firstly I wanna apologize if my blog is getting a lil too commercialized. 
I promise to blog more on my personal stuff just like before! 
Thankyou for sticking around this space all this time ;)

So I've been receiving emails on our itinerary. 
So here you go, hope this post will help alil for those who are traveling to Korea for the first time! 
Went to the Natas Fair earlier this year to compare prices and stuff. 
Had to pick dates that cherry blossoms bloom the prettiest and we ended up taking Chan Brother's 8d7n tour. 

If you have been following me on IG, you'd have seen our shameless hashtag. 
#9hottiestakeonkorea HAHA Go check out if you haven't! 

Got woken up by this beautiful skyline, so close to me.
It was my first time travelling to Seoul so the-almost-7hr flight journey almost killed me
If you don't know, all 3 of us (my mom, lu and I) have phobia taking planes
Quoted by my mom 'taking plane rides is like 1 leg stepping into the coffin'

Sleepy heads at 7am
Asiana Airline's cabin crews are all super gorgeous with really good skin, envy much!

First thing we did when we landed was to grab breakfast then to rent the ultimate Olleh wifi-egg reccommended by Char!
The only thing is that you'd prolly have to stick close to the person keeping the egg.
It's so convenient, we can haz wifi for all 8 days ;)

Wasted no time and off we go to Changduk Palace for sight seeing

Seeing Cherry Blossoms for the first time was like a dream come true
They are such gorgeous flowers, it's a pity they are so short-lived  

Meet the 9 hotties! hah

 Then the guys started suggesting all these drama shots 

Here's one of my fav, could have been better thou!
this was our first shot and the tour guide came rushing us up the bus

Bibimbap for lunch!
It didn't taste like what I thought it should be, like the ones we have in SG
This was more for the vegeterian?

The pretty tastless hotpot 
I was telling Sean we will definitely lose weight if they continue to serve this kinda meal daily

Shopping time at Dongdaemun Market

So in love with this Banana milk, I regret not buying a dozen back :( 
Anyone knows if it's available here? 

#Vadering the 2 pain in my ass HAH

Dinner was at this restaurant that serves something like our Bak Kut Teh
It was super flavourful and totally satisfied my craving for meat! Da yumz

Then to Ice Gallery for some hands-on activity!

Char and her ice cup she carved

A happy Sean winning the 2nd place for carving the most creative ice cup

Took a domestic flight to Jeju and finally checked into our stay for the night! 

Rise and shine Day2
My spontaneous mommy and I posing in front of our pink bus!
Off to sightseeing at Jeju Folk Village & ATV Ride

Pretty daisies

My hair looks super healthy and smooth here

Having ice-cream though it was around 12degrees that morning

Lunchtime! I really like how Koreans serve all these small dishes in every meal
Love trying all the kimchis from each restaurants

To Trick Art Museum
Why my friends all so drama??

To YongDuam Rock
Ginseng Chicken soup for dinner

Day 3's accommodation was at The Hotel Jeju & Vegas Casino 

Breakfast before taking another flight to Daegu!

My must-haves 

Best buy was this high cut sneakers from DDM market!

Arrived at Daegu! 
Sightseeing at DongHwa Temple

Sean in his Hunger Games mode 

Then zen mode lol

Streets filled w Cherry blossoms 


Met this mad adorable puppy who was sitting quietly beside his owner! 

Then we had this sumptuous dinner which they call it Da Changjin

Had no idea why it's called Da Changjin dinner as well, too much food maybe?  

Alright pardon my abrupt end! 

Meanwhile enjoy this video my talented best friend did
P/S Please do not judge my gwiyomi! 
It wasn't supposed to be up in her vlog but oh well I shall share it anws

Will be back with part 2 of the trip so stay tuned!! 


  1. Go to Far East plaza level 1. There is a Korean supermarket. They do sell the banana milk but in packet form thought.

    1. Omg really??! I'll go check it out asap Thankyou :D

  2. Those teddy bears are so cute! Who raised their legs? aha!

    1. The annoying boys of course! They had so much fun with the teddy bears lol

  3. The banana milk can be brought back to sg from korea. I brought back 6 packs; 1 pack has 6 bottles in it. Just put it in the luggae ^^V

    1. Oh man I wished I did the same thing! I haven't found the time to go FEP for the packet ones :(

  4. Hi Jolene,

    May i ask if you apply the benefit high beam before or after your foundation powder? and do you apply blusher after those both? i'm figuring which is the correct step to apply the benefit high beam cuz im considering if i should get it :)



    1. Hi Melissa! I apply the high beam after foundation and it depends on occasion if I still apply blusher after the high beam :)

  5. Hi Jolene,

    Can I know where did you get your blue coat? Your getup looks awesome! :)

  6. The banana milk is available at Cheers too! :)

  7. hi. may i know how much did you get the high cut sneaker for? the one you got from DDM
    ps. enjoy looking at your photos :)


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