Korea V.2; Day5-8

Breakfast at Inter-Burgo Hotel

Heavy breakfast before 1hr drive to Daejeon

Arrived at Daejeon's fruit farm for strawberry picking! 
They are so juicy and sweet unlike the ones we buy in Sg!

Evidence of eating strawberries while plucking left on my lip :/

Lucky us get to bring a box of strawberries back!
Wanted to bring them back home but Sean and I checked out of the hotel leaving the untouched box in the fridge :<
Then Maisan Provinicial Park for more sight-seeing

Then to Jeongju Traditional Culture Centre where we can experience and witness the Korean traditional wedding ceremony
Hanji craft mirror making

Ended up being the bride of the ceremony because Sean volunteered to be the groom lol
 Kinda embarrassed cos the rest of the people in our tour watched us go through the entire thing. 
(someone not very keen in the ceremony ah..)

Ended up fooling around in the Hanboks 
Everyone (except sean) so into our roles!

Finally checked into Daejeon Interciti Hotel, the best out of the 4 we stayed in imo, new and spacious!

Here's the huge suite for 3

Day 6 to the pretty Everland!
Our only chance to act cute with the headgear haha

 Only dennis and the Lee siblings had the guts to go on the roller coaster in the background, check out the steepness man!
They actually queued for an hour for a 1min ride omg. 

I wanted to go on this mild roller coaster but was so turned off by the queue..

 So we went into the safari for an upclose experience with the tigers and bears
This bear stood up for treats when the trainer called his name :0
 Felt like we were in Africa traveling on a mini bus with animals surrounding, hah cheap thrill!

Some tulips exhibition going on
Guess who! 

  Then it was our turn..

A short kimchi making session before they persuade us into buying more back to Sg. 

Another round of wearing Hanboks!

The guys should totally join Mediacorp! 超爱演的!

Got welcomed by this complicating train map when we went for more shopping on our own to Dongdaemun. 

Love K fashion! Every shop looks pretty like this!

Day 7

 To Yoonjungro Street to see beautiful cherry blossoms in full bloom!

 To Myeongdong, the No.1 shopping district in Seoul
So upset Show Luo went to this exact street one week after us. 
Sigh.. why didnt I see him!!

 Nanta Show was damn awesome! It was so funny, I laughed till my tummy ached!
Highly recommend everyone to catch it if you didn't watch it when they were in Sg. 

Day 8; shopping at Shinchon Ladies Street

Sneakers/shoes paradise! 

Man.. I love this street! The feel is like Sg's Haji Lane. 
The shopping is even better than Myeongdong in my opinion
Wish we had more time shopping there!

So this pretty much summed up my days in Korea. 
Hope it did help a little for those who are heading there soon. 
The only regret I had was not extending one more day to spend in Seoul. 
There wasn't much time for us to shop as this Cherry blossom tour package we chose was more of sight seeing. 
So yep do remember to extend one day of free and easy if you're going with tour group ;)

  &Here's the link to Day1-4 if you haven't read ;) 
Till then..


  1. Hi Jolene! Is it possible that in future the collection will be launched at 2pm instead of 11am. Hope it can be done. Thanks!

    1. Hello thanks for your feedback! Will discuss w Lu :)

  2. Hello, where did you get your brown boots with lace? the one you wore with polka dotted pants :)


  3. hello, may i know how much is ur korean tour package?? which tour agency ur sign up with?

  4. Hi may I know where you got your stockings in the last few photos? Pretty!

    1. Sharp eyes you've got! It's from dongdaemun but I think bugis village has these too :)

  5. Hi jolene!

    What is the full name of ur balenciaga bag? And around when did u buy it? (Jus wanna know if it was a seasonal bag)


  6. Hi Jolene! the latest preview for ohvola is so pretty! May i know what are the sizes of yours and lucinda's chanel bags in the pics for LE BELLE DRESS? Thank youuuuu!

  7. Hi Jolene, may i ask how did you arrange your trip to Everland?

    Cheers, Jas


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