Of food &more food

Back with another massive visual post!
Quite proud of myself for being so hardworking in keeping this blog alive these few weeks :) 
 Part2 of Korea will be up very soon thou, need to post this up before the outfits get backdated.

To high-tea @Benjamin Browns a new cafe in Forum 

Tea set for 2 is priced at $42++, comes with coffee/tea! 
But you can choose to share it among 3-4 like what we did ;) 

Wearing the upcoming Style x Jeggings in stripes! 
Comes only in 1 size but not to worry it's very stretchy and comfy ;)

Sean fully decked in Access-ed.com
Really like the stuff he brought in for the online store this time! 
Girls, time to start shopping for your other half ;)

Mothers' day dinner at Plonk @Serangoon Gardens 

The pretty mommies :) 

The cutest Lee siblings with kaka

She's no doubt my best mother in the WWW :')

To a lovely wedding dinner at Carlton Hotel

 The good looking couple, Gladys&Randall 

 In upcoming Le Rave Dress; love how the drape pleats and sequins go so well!
Perfect for dinners like this :) 

Here's a shot of our gorgeous korean model rocking it in taupe
Go check out Ohvola's Summer Catalogue on fb if you haven't! 

Sean's Dad birthday brunch @Cafe Melba
Knew I had to visit this place when both my sisters strongly recommended it to me

Slow Roast Ribeye only available on weekends, so damn good! 

 Truffle fries from Melba has officially taken the number1 place in my opinion!
Definitely a must-order!!

Upcoming Vera Ann frock with pretty cutout details and scalloped hem! 

Outfit to Hilltop for round 2 of Mother's day dinner with the family
Wearing both upcoming items, Ingrid Mod Top and Georgin multiway bag!

Hilltop is located at Jurong Bird Park, a teppanyaki Mx's family often frequent
A pity it's so out of the way for us staying in the north-east 

Super skillful chef 'de-shelling' the prawns while chatting with my dad 

 Requested the chef to do a fire stunt and tadah! Looks like he's on fire lol
Anws remember to order foie gras when you're there. I promise it's delicious!  

So unfair how both my sisters are so fair and I'm like chaota >:(
Oh and if you didn't realise, Lu and I are both wearing Yve Heels launching on Sunday morning
Looks high but it's just 3inches tall and super comfy, I totally walked in them at town for the whole afternoon that day :D

Ocbc Money In$ights event with Lu!
Checked out her blog for a very detailed post on Money insights :) 

My first visit to Benjamin Browns w the girls!

 To Mbs for Star Awards 
Pretty girl in pretty dress! 

 ElvinNg = love 

But Christopher lee is still my ultimate favourite heh
I wished he was pointing to me instead lol but don't get me wrong, am also a fan of FannWong!

Us with the ever stylish Constance Song, thankq Desiree for inviting!

  Ending my massive visual post with ice-cream waffles from Udders! 

Enjoy the weekend y'all! 
Till then..


  1. Is that a Chanel woc in your last few photos? Can I also know where Desiree get her clutch from?

    1. It's a vintage I got from Reebonz! Ree got her clutch from Hongkong ;)

  2. Hi Jolene, the denim jacket tat sean is wearin from accessed, has it been launched? i will like to get it for my husband! :)

  3. Hello it's launched sometime back! But they do have something similar coming up ;)

  4. Hi Jolene, is ur hair permanently curled? If no can u do a tutorial on it? It's really pretty

    1. Thankyou! Haha I will try to post a tutorial on it :>

  5. Hi Jo, is VIVIENNE HEELS comfortable to be in for long hours?

    1. Hello~ Haven't tried walking in it for long hours but it should be the same as YVE Heels :)

  6. Hi Jolene! The plain white top that you have on with the jeggings in stripes looks really good! Is it gonna be in the upcoming collections? Would love to see it!

    1. Hiya! It's in midst of manufacturing!
      Let me know what colours you want to see it in? ;)

  7. hi jolene, may i know the black color dress you wear to Benjamin Browns is from ohvola? If not may i know where u get it? thanks.

  8. may i know the black color sleeve dress you wear to Benjamin Browns is from ohvola or where? thanks


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