Salon Vim; tame that frizz

Last week we made a trip back to Salon Vim to try the newly created Arimino Privy Treatment. 
I was really looking forward to my appointment with Fiona 
because my hair was becoming pretty dry after not taking care of it while I was in Korea. 

So basically the treatment was to smooth and tame coarse hair
3 simple steps 
 1. Gentle Wash
2. Enriched Serum; nourish inside hair & repair
3. Hold Cream; holding the nourishment did in step 2

The products used to complete the treatment
I was told it contained coconut oil so I thought it might stink a little but I was wrong.
It smelt damn good throughout the 45mins process!

Hello healthy looking hair :D
I'm so impressed by this new treatment of Salon Vim! 

I must say the result is amazing! 
Because I had my hair bleached right before the treatment. 
My stylist Fiona already warned me about how dry my hair will be after bleaching as I refused to have the split ends snipped. 

But guess what
Thanks to Armino Privy Treatment, my hair felt much softer and healthier! 
It's been a week and I still can haz silky hair :) 

Of course you need to take care of it by doing mask and applying serums when you're home! 
Lucky you! Salon Vim is offering a 30% off their 2 amazing hair treatments for the month of May :D 

Redken Cocktail  Treatment 
Arimno Privy Treatment

 Simply quote my name 'Jolene' to enjoy the discount!
 Thankyou my super swag stylist Fiona ;)
Remember to look for her if you're planning to get your hair fixed at 313!

 With the sister who is still in awe of how silky her hair became after the treatment!

 And we met the beautiful Evonnz who was also trying out the treatment :)  

 Super happy with how well my Pink x Purple hair turned out ! 

My outfit of the night, in an upcoming Racer Cut-in Lace Top from Ohvola! 

I try to mask my hair every 2 days with the Vitamino Colour to protect my pink x purple hair from decolouring and also to keep it moisturized. 
And on days when I don't, Redken's Extreme anti-snap leave on treatment to the rescue. 

It's time to pamper your hair with the 30% discount for the month of May! 

Salon Vim By Chez Vous

313 @Somerset Orchard Road #04-07/08/09 S238895
68847757 / 68847767 (313 Outlet)

235/235A Victoria Street S188027
68370073 / 68370045 (Bugis Outlet) 


  1. Hi Jolene I've always been a fan of your blog! Previously you mentioned your arm size is at its largest but it seems to be much smaller this post already! How did u do that?! Cox mine are growing too.. :(

    1. Hello! Hmm I guess it's the angle? Cos my arms are still as huge as before imo :(
      Guess we just have to skip supper & exercise more!

  2. Hi Jolene, may i know what studio lights (brand, how many and watt) are you using for your shoots? i am thinking of setting up a home studio for my family to capture moments with my kids but i dont know which lights i should go for.. Saw your office photos and the size seems similar. Please help? thanks=)

  3. Hi Jolene, may i know how much is the hair treatment roughly before discount?


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