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Monthly loving @Salon Vim

Hello last day of July!  Saw many happy tweets yesterday regarding Gst rebate being deposited into their bank. It's such a rare sight to see Singaporeans being all thankful and happy with the government haha For those who didn't managed to get the $$, don't curse and swear because it just shows how well paid you are isn't it? :)
So last week, I finally went down to Salon Vim to get my hair fixed. Check out the unsightly black roots during my birthday week :/ Should have taken time off work to get it dyed before my bday. Pfft.. 
Working its magic progress
 As usual, I opted for the highly raved Arimino Privy Treatment because my hair was getting dry. Really needed the serum to nourish and repair my coarse hair!  
And tadah! New colour and healthy looking hair once again! 
 Thankyou Salon Vim for taming my tresses and reviving it with a new colour.
And of course I'm really thankful for Fiona for always picking the best colour for me!  My stylist knows best :) 
We ca…

All things chocolate

Visited Au Chocolat for the first time during the weekends because we heard so much about their brunch menu especially their truffle fries.  And guess what, it wasn't available that day due to some quality issues with the fries, they had to send it back to their supplier :(  But well.. We were quite lucky to be able to get sofa seats despite being full house that afternoon!  #staypositive 

It's so hard to drag this sleepyhead awake on weekends. His theory of Saturdays is to sleep in till like 3-4pm? I really dont get it..
 While they are ever ready for brunch with their 'will travel for food' mindset!
 Sean ordered this frozen hot chocolate, $12 which was as yummy as it seemed! Would be better to share it cos I had only a few sips and was very full from it.  Super fattening especially with the thick layer of whipped cream on top but I'll still order it the next time I visit them for truffle fries :D 
 While I had hot fudge because I was having cramps.
I dont know …

A year older, a year wiser

So I turned 23 last week!  (same birthday as LeeKwangSoo heh)  It's scary how I'm hitting the mid twenties, it's even scarier how more and more people thought I'm Lu's elder sister. Oh well..
Had a picnic feast with my Monsterz at Botanical Gardens. So glad the weather was in our favour that afternoon ;) It didn't rain thou Rainee was there with us. We call her the mother of all rain because it's always raining when we meet! Haha
 Guess what..
It's cupcakes baked by Dennis, my good friend of a decade! So happy to see my initials when I opened the box ;) 
Lemon, vanilla, salted caramel and chocolate flavored cuppies! Dennis is really talented in baking I swear. After much persuasion from us all, he has decided to do bake-sale on IG! Will let you guys know once it's up ;)

Geraldine made her fav banana + nutella bread! Bacon and mushroom aglio olio was by Desiree! She has been talking about how she can cook all sorts of stuff all her life but w…