A year older, a year wiser

So I turned 23 last week! 
(same birthday as LeeKwangSoo heh) 
It's scary how I'm hitting the mid twenties, it's even scarier how more and more people thought I'm Lu's elder sister.
Oh well..

Had a picnic feast with my Monsterz at Botanical Gardens.
So glad the weather was in our favour that afternoon ;)
It didn't rain thou Rainee was there with us.
We call her the mother of all rain because it's always raining when we meet! Haha

 Guess what..

It's cupcakes baked by Dennis, my good friend of a decade!
So happy to see my initials when I opened the box ;) 

Lemon, vanilla, salted caramel and chocolate flavored cuppies!
Dennis is really talented in baking I swear.
After much persuasion from us all, he has decided to do bake-sale on IG!
Will let you guys know once it's up ;)

Geraldine made her fav banana + nutella bread!
Bacon and mushroom aglio olio was by Desiree!
She has been talking about how she can cook all sorts of stuff all her life but we didn't believe.
And so this pot of nomz totally shut us up lol

Yummeh rainbow pancakes by Rainee!
Why are my friends so talented? I can't cook for nuts :(

The Ig addicts 

Sushi from Ms char!

 A bouquet of daisies from Sean! My favourite type of flowers ever since the vacation to Seoul

And I received my first JC from them! Love it! 

I'm really blessed to have these angels in my life, they are really the best bunch of girlfriends ;')
Monsterz forevaaaaaaa!

And last Sunday to part 1 of my birthday feast!

Spot the contrasting grey straps, it's my third pair of yellow heels already! :O

Arrived at Jr's place and saw the 4 chefs cooking up a storm in the kitchen!
So touched for them to prepare this meal for Mx and I because Chanel will be away during our birthday :')

Chanel's seafood aglio olio

Dennis' mushroom tomato pasta

Dennis' sticky lemon chicken

Brenda's mashed potato

Jr's grilled salmon

 My oh my, check this out.. 
No wonder Sean wants to send me for cooking classes :( 

& laduree for supper from Jr because he knows it's my fav!! 

Thankyou the 4chefs of the night for this sumptuous dinner :)
Spot coca who also looked into the camera, so clever boy!

 Bbq on my actual birthday!

Tried to prepare a slightly different bbq from what we kids usually have!

Kids will always be kids hah! 

Char preparing the burgers!

And the cutest minion cake arrived!
Thankyou Cremeberry :) 

Kudos to Dennis who woke up early to go grocery shopping with us and marinated all the food! 

With miss blur, Mitch! 

And here's the highlight of the night, a surprise from Dennis to the July babies
2-tier mascarpone chocolate cake was the bomb!! Definitely one of the best cakes he baked! 
Meanwhile if you would like to order this cake, email him at - iamdennislim@gmail.com ;)

And my video of this minion cake got on popular page on IG!! yay

Thankyou everybardy!! 

Back at Dozo, one of my favourite restaurants!

 But this time, we made reservations earlier for the private room

Hello my love!

Started off with this refreshing drink

Chef's selection of assorted platter which includes salmon, scallop and foie gras!

Cold dish - Seasonal Sashimi, Smoked Duck Breast, King Crab Claw, Beef Tataki

Side dish - Gratinated Escargots.
Their escargots never fail! Wish it could be the mains instead haha

Side dish - Stewed Beef Tendon

Soup - Crab Bisque

The highly raved Beef Tenderloin which most of us picked!

The dessert and drinks - Iced Mallow Apple Melody & Warm Chocolate Cake
No matter how full you are from the previous few dishes, you will definitely finish this plate of goodness! No doubt the best dessert among the rest of the selection! Da yumz

The spontaneous 大人s!

Been celebrating my birthday with Mx whose birthday is 2 days before mine since 5 years back.
 Happy birthday brother Max!

Thankyou Lu& Sean for the cake!
The Patissier has always been my number one choice for birthday cakes.

Team SMLJ!
(It's not what you think it is, SMLJ stands for sean mx lu jo)

And with my dearest mommy!!

Brenda, Qian and I coincidentally wore Yve Heels that night, what are the odds man!

Yve Heels only available in Nude, go grab the last few pieces on site!
We spent around $70 per pax for the 7course meal. Pretty reasonable in my opinion.
Will definitely be back for more but prolly for lunch instead since it's $20 cheaper heh. 

Also managed to catch-up with Anna at Sushi Tei the other day, thankq for the treat sweets!

Visited La Villa which is again, highly recommended by the eldest sister! 

 The outdoor seats were really tempting but we couldn't resist the air-con..

Love the rustic feel of the interior 

The pretty girlies, Lu Junying and Xyu 

Except for the squid ink pasta, the other 3 mains was pretty tasty! 
Wood fired pizzas never fail

It was nice catching up with them!

 Wore Alexa white shirt and Edearing shorts in fuchsia, like my everyday outfit to the office. 
Loving cotton denim shirt like this, non-sheer yet not too thick! 

So this pretty summed up my awesome birthday week! 
Also a short update on my eyes, they are more or less fully recovered :D
No bruise no swelling and I'm back to nomingz all the seafood in the world.
Have a good week ya'll, thankq for reading!

Till then...


  1. Wah my squatting pose really cannot....


    1. HAHA most obscene award is yours! Why O$P$?

    2. The shuzzzz.. On behalf of myself and the monz I demand our new $1 coins

    3. Not again.. Shoo go away!! lol

  2. Hi Jolene, would it be possible for your friends to share the recipe of the honey lemon chicken? :)
    Thank you very much.

  3. Hi Mel, my friend told me he used gordon ramsay's recipe! you can just google it ;)

  4. Hi Jolene, just wondering where was that picnic place you went to for your bday?
    Thanks :)


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