All things chocolate

Visited Au Chocolat for the first time during the weekends because we heard so much about their brunch menu especially their truffle fries. 
And guess what, it wasn't available that day due to some quality issues with the fries, they had to send it back to their supplier :( 
But well.. We were quite lucky to be able to get sofa seats despite being full house that afternoon! 

It's so hard to drag this sleepyhead awake on weekends.
His theory of Saturdays is to sleep in till like 3-4pm? I really dont get it..

 While they are ever ready for brunch with their 'will travel for food' mindset!

 Sean ordered this frozen hot chocolate, $12 which was as yummy as it seemed!
Would be better to share it cos I had only a few sips and was very full from it. 
Super fattening especially with the thick layer of whipped cream on top but I'll still order it the next time I visit them for truffle fries :D 

 While I had hot fudge because I was having cramps.
I dont know if it's just me but having chocolates actually made me feel better.. 

The big portion of King Breakfast $26, love the hash brown!  

Eggs Royale, $18 which they were very generous with their smoked salmon

Ultimate Benedict $22, Super insane this dish has like everything in this pan. 
Beef steak, poached eggs, bacon, roasted chicken, spinach and tomatoes on a pancake with red wine + dark chocolate hollandaise sauce :O
The mixture seemed kinda strange but it was surprisingly good!

Brought my boy out for the first time! 
Thankyou dajie for combing the different boutiques in London to find this cable-knit for me ;)
Wore Camille Knit Top in yellow over a bodycon stripe dress launching tonight at 830pm

No eye makeup to show how my eyelids look now :D

Wearing Soiree Top with this tweed skirt my eldest sister got for me from Zara london. 
Somerville Heels in coral still available here :) 

Itacho with Sean's family! 
We always go for the outlet at the Airport because the queue isn't as crazy as PS /Ion. 

Our must-order, Crab with rice thingy!

Char wearing Lé Ombre Frock in turquoise  :)

2 more outfits to share!
Maurie Bustier in Light, white base with floral pastels
Love how it has no adjustable straps/no elastic back and yet so fitting on me:)

Lanvon dress in pink aztec that I wore for my birthday dinner to Dozo 
Expect more cutout dresses coming up, we are obsessed with designs like this! 

Time to get back to emails!
Till then...


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