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Hello last day of July! 
Saw many happy tweets yesterday regarding Gst rebate being deposited into their bank.
It's such a rare sight to see Singaporeans being all thankful and happy with the government haha
For those who didn't managed to get the $$, don't curse and swear because it just shows how well paid you are isn't it? :)

So last week, I finally went down to Salon Vim to get my hair fixed.
Check out the unsightly black roots during my birthday week :/
Should have taken time off work to get it dyed before my bday. Pfft.. 

Working its magic progress

 As usual, I opted for the highly raved Arimino Privy Treatment because my hair was getting dry.
Really needed the serum to nourish and repair my coarse hair!  

And tadah! New colour and healthy looking hair once again! 

 Thankyou Salon Vim for taming my tresses and reviving it with a new colour.
And of course I'm really thankful for Fiona for always picking the best colour for me! 
My stylist knows best :) 

We can haz beautiful hair :) 

  Good news to share!
Salon Vim has extended their GSS promotions till 15th Aug 13'
It's time to try their services if you haven't! Don't miss out on good deals like this :)  

What I wore; last few pieces of Twiggy Top available on site :)

Will be updating this space real soon, stay tuned! 


  1. More cutout but sleeved dresses please!

    1. Noted!! You can actually email me if you have any designs in mind:))

  2. Hi. So what's the important event for ohvola ? Excited !! :)

    1. Heh event has been postponed to mid-aug!!
      Details will be out v soon ;)

  3. I'm one of the unhappy singaporean who doesn't have the GST rebate!

  4. Hello girl!! You seems to be coping well with your new eyelids! Mind blogging about the after op? I am one who emailed you on the eyelids! I am intending to get it done next year!! :D :D Thanks in advance!!

    1. What would you like to know babe? Haha cos i've briefly blogged about it a few entries back:)

  5. Will there be BO for Salvatore dress in black? Will u consider making it in other colors like cobalt blue maroon etc? Thanks!

    1. Yes there will be BO for black together with the new collection! Won't be doing it in new colours, sorry about it!


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