#OhvolaTeaParty; The White Rabbit

Back with images from Ohvola x Sensual Nails Spa tea party!
This is in fact our first official meet our customers event after 6 years.
We have held several meetup sessions and also a warehouse sale in our office but have never done any event like this. 
Love the idea of meeting our regulars and allowing them to shop off the racks together with us.
Thou the preparations can be really tedious and tiring, Lu and I have decided to conduct more of such affairs as a form of thanking our customers in future ;) 

Kudos to the sister who worked really hard to ensure everything goes well, the tea party wouldn't have been a success without her!  
A big thank you to our kind sponsors; 

Us with the gorgeous Elaine, owner of Sensual Nails Spa! 
She's totally rocking our upcoming piece, Le Baroque Dress isnt it? 
Have I mentioned she's my primary school senior, Lu's classmate? :) 

Our customized tiffany themed dessert table proudly sponsored by Creme Berry!

My favourite has got to be the Salted Caramel Brownie, omg it's really sooooooo good! 
Really wish I ate more that day but was afraid that I would have food stuck in my teeth haha

The upcoming footwear, are you excited already? ;) 

Short but busy 3hrs in Snspa! 

Though we have different opinions and arguments during work all the time, I know that she's the best partner/sister I can ever have in this galaxy.

Thanks for the tag girls!

Our customers were all so sweet to deliberately dress in our label :')

It was great meeting you ladies who joined us last Sunday, official album will be uploaded to Ohvola's fb later in the afternoon! 
For those who didn't manage to come for this, we'll see you for the next :) 

And sumptuous dinner at Imperial Treasure after a day of hard work 
Also a bigger thankyou to our loveliest team that day, you guys are the best!!

Wore Madden Playsuit out last weekend
Realized I've tons of playsuits in my wardrobe, it's no doubt my favorite comfort wear. 
 My love for aztec printed stuff

And for another look, thank you for the vest Ree :D

Travelled all the way to the west because pizza at Pepperoni never fails! 

Happy sweet 15th Clarissa! 

Wanqian's birthday @The White Rabbit
Such a pretty chapel! 

Foie Gras Duet, $29. 

This lobster bisque $38, is prolly the best I've ever tasted. 
A pity it's a tad too pricey imo. 

Sean looking suave in his new haircut ;)

I ordered Tagliatelle pasta, alaskan king crab in pork broth, $42

While Sean had Char-grilled Mangalica Pork Collar, $46

Truffled Mac N Cheese with mushrooms, $16

Qian's wearing Maison Ruche Top :) 
So honored she wore 3 of Ohvola's designs to celebrate her birthday week! 

Happy birthday again Qian!!

With the 人s! 

More ootds to share;

Today's getup, wearing Leonie Bustier Top
Aztec again I know but the response for Lanvon Dress was great so we thought of using the same fabric for this bustier!
Thought it turned out pretty well :)  

Yesterday's look; finally Valeria frock in my favorite shade of blue, took us long enough to finalize and perfect the fit of this dress.

Slip on a pair of sandals and I'm ready to head out. Love fuss-free pieces like this!

Launching at 830pm later, you know where to get it :) 
(Pardon me, I know the office is in a mess but this was taken a day after the event) 

Alright, rushing off for a date with my love, it's our 87th monthsary tomorrow!! 
Till then.. 


  1. Hi Jolene! Is the HARPER DRESS a flare dress? Cause from the pictures, it seems that the dress is very flare? Would you recommend a bottom-heavy person to get the dress? Thanks!

    1. Yes it is a flare dress! I think it's fine for a bottom-heavy person to get it since it can actually hide with its flare-ness rather than a tight fitting dress :)

  2. Is the aztec romper padded?

  3. Hi Jolene, hope u can reply soon as i plan to buy the le baroque dress during the launch later :) which color is nicer? Coral or midnight blue? Is it made of bodycon material?

    1. Yup very stretchy material!
      It depends actually! I like both colours cos they are suitable for different occasions. The coral one is for brunch and casual events while the dark one can be worn for dinner/parties etc. Hope this helps :)

  4. Do u all still happen to have extra piece for mischka embellished dress in black size s? Have been looking for the piece for so long! Didn't manage to get it the other time when it's restocked! :((((

  5. Black is completely oos babe, so sorry :(

  6. Hi Jolene, would you consider manufacturing the sleeveless vest that you wore together with Madden Playsuit? Perhaps a sleeveless blazer that can be versatile for formal and casual occasions?

    1. Noted your feedback babe!
      We do have something similar coming up:)


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