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Hello ya'll! 
Apologies for not blogging during the holidays, was busy with catching up with my friends and relatives.
Definitely love my long laid-back weekends like this :) 

Back with an update on my new set of nails I had last week.
Been cracking my head on what design to get a few days before visiting Sensual Nails Spa. 
I'm not sure about you guys but I usually search Ig for inspirations.
My fav account for nailart is @chelseaqueen ;)
My past designs always rotate around aztec/tribal/cartoon etc so this time I went for something slightly different from my usual style. 
My first ever floral nails! But well not really since my manicurist incorporated Kitties onto the Daisies design.

Initially I was still worried if the Daisies x Kitties combination would be weird.
So glad it turned out so well, even better than expected!
 This set of nails cost;  $45 (gelish mani) + $72 (nail art) = $117
But simply quote my name for 10% off :)  

As usual, thankyou Elaine for having us :) 
She's always sharing her beauty tips with us when we are there, introducing new makeup products and all! 

Sensual Nails Spa
Block 507 Bishan Street 11 #01-398
Singapore 570507
Tel: 6259-0889 (appointment required)

In the upcoming Bailey Top in Maize
Love the leaf vines and its flutter sleeves, definitely a casual top I will wear very often! 

On Tuesday, we visited Penny University at East Coast Road. 
Finally a cafe serving weekday brunch that Lu hasn't been to!
It's no longer easy to hunt for new places for brunch especially when she practically visited every cafe I mentioned omg.. 
Good thing we made it at 330pm, just 30mins before the kitchen closed! 

 The place was smaller than what I imagined, what you see is what you get. 
And we were rather lucky to get seats when we reached! (they don't take reservations)

The dessert section looked really appealing to me but we were too full to have them.
Will be back, wait for me cakes and pies!

 The ultimate foodie couple! 

 I went for my usual, Eggs benedict with smoked salmon, $12
I'm not sure if I'm starved or what but this is like my best eggs benny ever!! 
Love how it's on a thick toast instead of the usual muffins I had. 
And they were very generous with their hollandaise sauce, definitely a plus point for me. 

 While Lu and Sean had Croque Monsieur, $12, turkey ham with parmesan on toasted ciabatta. 
It's super cheesy, I quite like it as well, just wished that the portion was bigger! 

And Mx's french toast, $8
Compared to the other 2 dishes, this french toast was rather meh, bland and tasteless..

Our yummy spread! Would be perfect if they serve truffle fries thou. 
The good thing about the cafe is that it has no gst/service charge. 
Quality food at really affordable prices! I don't know what's not to love about Penny University! 

 Thankq my love for rushing down though youre not a fan of the brunch craze we have :))

 Wearing the super comfy upcoming Tigerlily Pants in the most flattering cut.
Major love for the quirky aztec print, can never go wrong with pants like this! 

An outfit shot with my eat-alot-but-never-grow-fat sister, Lu ^^

Ending the entry with 2 more ootds to share!
 Sanfleur dress in the prettiest print! Perfect for relaxing weekend brunch dates :)

Could not decide which colour to keep initially, was so torn between the vibrant and the pastel piece!

 Cosmopolitan Dress in black
Love the see through crochet mesh front and the new thick stretchy fabric we handpicked;) 
So gonna use this fabric more often in future since it's so highly raved among the team.

P/s: Ohvola will be launching a new collection later @830pm, here's to the full blog preview :)
Remember to check out our facebook page to see how you can win an exclusive invite to Ohvola x Sensual Nails Spa tea party happening on the 25th! 
Till then... 


  1. Omg your boyfriend looks so much like SHINee's Taemin when his hair is blonde!

    1. I just googled his face! Maybe just the hair + big nose? Hahaha

  2. Hi Jolene,

    What's ur take on the Yepuda dress? I just cannot decide on the Dark or Light one. :(

    1. I would go for the lighter shade since I'm tanned!
      If you're the opposite, then dark should looks better :)

    2. Would like to commend you guys on the design of the Yepuda dress! I've this rule to always buy sleeveless dresses (because of Sg's hot weather), but I'm going to break this rule just once. Two thumbs up!

    3. Aww.. thanks Rach! I'm sure the dress is worth breaking your rule :)

  3. Hi Jolene,

    Will the length of the cospomolitan dress shrink after several washes since it is made of cotton? Have bought dresses made of cotton before and some shrunk after washes. :( hope u can reply before the launch tonight! Thank you! :D

  4. It shouldn't since it's made of cotton lycra blend, not those thin flimsy cotton! So not to worry :)

  5. Hi,

    May i know if the white wedge worn by lucinda is an upcoming ohvola item? its so pretty :)
    if not, where is it from? Thanks :)

    1. It's from an online spree back then! We do have upcoming wedges too :)

  6. Hi babe! Are there any extras for the Marx flats? Would love to get a pair!! (:

    1. Not at the moment, it will only arrive early next week!:)

  7. Hi hi Jolene, may i ask is there any specific manicurist to look for at Sensual nails spa?
    Mind sharing which manicurist did your nails and Lu's one as well.
    Cos i find that both of you always have super pretty designs and it's drawn to perfection! So thought of looking for the same manicurist. :)

    1. Lu and I alternate between Peiwen and Nicole. Look for Peiwen if youre planning to do intricate designs!
      She's the one who has one of the best skills, i promise you'll be happy with the results. If not, Nicole is good too ;))

    2. Hiiiii Jolene, thank you so much for your reply and you are so sweet to share. :)
      Yes yes, i am looking a good & detailed manicurist cos i wanna do some complicated designs. Thanks again dear for sharing. :)

  8. Hi Jolene! Would like to check whether did you ordered extra for MARX FLATS AND MALLORY DRESS in all colours and sizes so that for us who didn't joined the bo but would like to purchase it, can purchase it from extras from bo?

  9. Hi, may u know where you gt your sunglasses you wore to the manicurist? :)

  10. hi jolene! is river safari or SEA aquarium a better place to visit in your opinion? :)

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