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Formula 1;

First of all I wanna thank the best friend for this year's F1 paddock club experience!  And also taking care of me during the most embarrassing fainting incident at the Padang.  (shall go into that later)

So you know.. I ain't a huge fan of F1 or BigBang but when Desiree offered me a ticket her aunt gave her, I was thrilled.  Thou I had no idea what to expect, I only knew the main purpose was to see TOP.  A big mistake that night was to drive because we had to park at Kallang stadium and take a shuttle bus into the Paddock club located at Pit building. Super troublesome but no choice, the roads were all closed.  Okay I digressed, we arrived at around 8pm and were like lost kittens. We saw this huge place with the brightest lights and decided to head in for food lol. And there we were, at the legendary Jean-Georges! Omg every dish that Desiree took back to the table was heavenly! Wagyu beef caviar foie gras cod fish were all so damn good?! Looking at those chefs preparing the food rem…

Hanwoori Korean Restaurant

Lunch was at Hanwoori, Serangoon Gardens. Been missing authentic Korean food ever since my trip to Seoul, and we've always passed by this restaurant whenever we visit Mx's workplace but have never thought of trying it until yesterday!  So glad we did because it was quite a good experience dining there ;)  Located just below Dessert bowl! 
They were preparing to close for lunch at 230pm hence this explains the emptiness of the restaurant. So happy we made it for last order!
 10 side dishes that comes with every mains ordered. I must say, the kimchi is SO good! You know I'm very particular with the veggies I eat, it's a major turn off whenever I see those cabbage stems in kimchi so this was good for me :) The small dish you see at the bottom of the picture is actually fish cake, I love fish cakes!
And they kept checking back if we needed refill on these side dishes.
Imagine how many servings of fish cake we got! Service number 1! 
With my pretty mommy, wish I can be as …

Two is better than One x

Back with tons of shameless selfies, I can't help it but I'm so in love with my new hair!  After more than a month, I finally went back to SalonVim to get my hair done.  Thou I really wanted to get an ash blonde head, my hair couldn't take anymore of bleaching :(  So I listened to my stylist, Fiona's advice and went for a closer shade of ash blonde. 4 hours of sitting alone in the salon was no joke because Lu's stylist was on leave so we had to do it on different days.  So glad the colour turned out exactly like how I wanted it to be!  Super love this very light brown colour Fiona mixed :)
Here's how healthy it is after getting the highly recommended Arimino Privy treatment!
Soft and smoooooooth~ I've previously blogged about the awesome treatment, so read about the wonders it can do HERE;
The SalonVim IG giveaway #ilovesalonvim because they are giving one of my lucky readers a chance to win 1x Redken Chemistry Cocktail Hair Treatment!
To join, all you …