Common Man Coffee Roasters;

Dont we just love spontaneous friends who organizes events during weekends? 
I truly appreciate people like this, so thankyou Dennis for arranging!
This weekend brunch hopping saw us heading to a relatively new cafe, Common Man Coffee Roasters @ 22 Martin Road. 
It seemed like a pretty cool place with its coffee counter like a bar and the unique bulb lightings. 
Because we were in a group of 6, we didn't want to settle for counter seats so we waited quite awhile outside for a table.
I wonder why don't they take reservations?
But I have to hand it to the young local waitress who served us water while we were waiting outside, it's not an everyday thing whereby you receive such service in Sg. 

 With Mitch Dennis Wayne Chanel Sean, my brunch dates for the day!

Rustic green pot of Chamomile Tea $7

Happy with the pretty coffee art!

 Flat White, $5 

 I had this Croissant Croque Monsieur, provolone, ham and creamy bechamel sauce, $16 
Really enjoyed every bite of the crispy croissant with the ham & cheese combination thou Mitch mentioned she can easily home make this for me haha  

 Common Man full breakfast, two free range organic eggs in any style, bacon sausage tomato salsa chorizo hash browns mushroom and pork cannellini beans with artisanal sourdough toast, $26
This huge plate of goodness was finished by Chanel herself, so I guess it should taste pretty decent huh!

 Turkish Common Man Breakfast, phyllo-wrapped soft-boiled organic egg, crispy feta, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes with pita bread $25

 Crunchy parsley & chilli fries $12. 
Extremely small plate of fries at $12 but the taste was really not bad, just wished it came in a bigger serving!

 Organic Eggs Benedict, tender braised ox cheeks, two poached organic eggs & chive hollandaise with artisanal sourdough toast $24
Had a taste of this poached eggs and ox cheeks combi and thought it was really good. 
The nicely done eggs and tender ox cheeks complemented each other very well!

Fluffy french toast, fresh berries, premium maple syrup & Kapiti vanilla ice cream $18

This was prolly one of the priciest brunch I've had in awhile with majority of its mains at $20+! We spent around $40 each but hey, their service kinda made up for it. 
It was full house but they managed to serve the food shortly after we ordered, service was prompt and warm too.
I love cafes with all day breakfast because I can never wake up early on weekends so this is definitely a plus point for me ;) 

Dennis & Wayne coincidentally decked in similar outfits hence the shot, but why the hands? Haha

Nothing new, the happy brunch-ers off to mahjong~

 What I wore; Ohvola's upcoming casual nautical top (perfect for layering!) with red shorts from Zara together with my trusty Chanel boy ;) 

Thankyou for reading! 
Till then.. 


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