Formula 1;

First of all I wanna thank the best friend for this year's F1 paddock club experience! 
And also taking care of me during the most embarrassing fainting incident at the Padang. 
(shall go into that later)

So you know.. I ain't a huge fan of F1 or BigBang but when Desiree offered me a ticket her aunt gave her, I was thrilled. 
Thou I had no idea what to expect, I only knew the main purpose was to see TOP. 
A big mistake that night was to drive because we had to park at Kallang stadium and take a shuttle bus into the Paddock club located at Pit building. Super troublesome but no choice, the roads were all closed. 
Okay I digressed, we arrived at around 8pm and were like lost kittens. We saw this huge place with the brightest lights and decided to head in for food lol.
And there we were, at the legendary Jean-Georges!
Omg every dish that Desiree took back to the table was heavenly! Wagyu beef caviar foie gras cod fish were all so damn good?!
Looking at those chefs preparing the food reminded me of Master Chefs haha.
Really wished I had bigger appetite that night and went for more rounds! 
We were so full by the time we were done with Jean-Georges. Really wanted to go for sashimi at Nobu but we were too pressed for time. 

Then we headed to our suite hosted by Mbs to chill and to catch a glimpse of the cars. As you can see I can't even take a clear pic of any cars because they were simply too fast too furious.
So here's a short video to make up for it! 

Wore this upcoming Bejeweled Playsuit under our premium label. 
Love the material used and the pretty embellishments on the neckline!

1015pm; one hour to Big Bang's performance.
 We quickly made our way over cos the management told us that we needed 50 mintues to reach. 
Imagine me walking in my 5inches heels from Pit building to Padang. I almost died I swear.. 

Then we finally made it on time and tried our best to squeeze our way through to the front but to no avail. 
It was packed like sardine, I was perspiring like crazy being surrounded by the fans. 
Big bang's performance was great but I felt like I was standing in a furnace for that 1hour. 
Thou I was truly mesmerized by TOP throughout the night, at some point of time I couldn't wait for it to end. 

I was tired and dehydrated standing in my 5inches towards the end of the performance, then suddenly I felt like I couldn't breath. I tapped on Ree and told her I couldn't see anymore and the next thing I knew I blacked-out. 
My poor friend tried to get me out of the crowd with the help of a kind Samaritan who put me on Ree's back where she again, tried to drag me out. 
Super embarrassing, we both fell to the ground because I was too heavy for her. Then finally I regained a bit of sight and tried to make my way to the side where I sat to rest while Ree went to get 2x$3 mineral water. 

That was when people started asking if I was okay. Blah... Is this what they call heat exhaustion?
Felt like I was the joke of the day. I hope I didn't portray myself like those crazy fangirl who hyper ventilates and then faint after seeing their idol. 

Funny part was when Ree called my home and told them I was unfit to drive back because of what happened, they remained calm and just continued with their mahjong lol. 
Guess my family is too used to my 'blacking out' especially when I have really bad cramps during that time of the month.

So I reckoned this is going to be my first and last standing concert. 
Once again, thanks to the best friend who took care of me that night. 
I survived!


Meet the 3 little Pom Pom puppies! 
Meltz I love the middle one so much, she's called Jade and her owners have decided to keep her;) 
As for the other 2 boys, they are actually up for sale! So if you're keen, you can drop me an email for more details. 
They are just less than 2months old, pure breed pomeranian! 

Louisa Top makes a comeback in this new colour! ;) 
For those who already own the monochrome ones, we have it in Tiffany and Fuchsia coming up! 

Alrighty thankyou for reading this long-ass post! 
Have an awesome weekend y'all, till then...


  1. Hi Jolene, i would like to buy heels and flat from ohvola, however i'm not sure about the sizing. i wear c&k 36/37. So i was wondering what size should i get? hope u can help.

    1. Hi babe which design are you referring to?
      Do email us at and our team will assist you ;)

  2. Hey jolene! Have you tried bai feng wan? It really helps in reducing the pain. Mine used to be really bad every month, but it's so much better now already! :)
    scroll a little, it's the 3rd product on the page :)

    1. Heya Pamela! Thanks for the info! Shall go try out this bai feng wan :)


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