Hanwoori Korean Restaurant

Lunch was at Hanwoori, Serangoon Gardens.
Been missing authentic Korean food ever since my trip to Seoul, and we've always passed by this restaurant whenever we visit Mx's workplace but have never thought of trying it until yesterday! 
So glad we did because it was quite a good experience dining there ;) 
Located just below Dessert bowl! 

They were preparing to close for lunch at 230pm hence this explains the emptiness of the restaurant. So happy we made it for last order!

 10 side dishes that comes with every mains ordered. I must say, the kimchi is SO good!
You know I'm very particular with the veggies I eat, it's a major turn off whenever I see those cabbage stems in kimchi so this was good for me :)
The small dish you see at the bottom of the picture is actually fish cake, I love fish cakes!
And they kept checking back if we needed refill on these side dishes.
Imagine how many servings of fish cake we got! Service number 1! 

With my pretty mommy, wish I can be as chio when I'm her age!

Got to love the beauty mode of my camera, always making us look like we've flawless skin! 

The dishes came up really quickly, prolly because we were the only customers left.
 Jajangmyeon $14 (noodles with black bean sauce), my first time having it and thought it was not too bad!
 Saw some reviews online preferring the cold noodles to this.
Shall order that the next time :) 

 Beef on hotplate

 Haemul Tang (Seafood stew with rice) $17, kinda spicy but still fine for me!

 Japchae, a tad too salty for my liking and $18 for this small portion was quite overpriced.
But will still order it the next time I visit, maybe just request for less soya sauce? ;)

 Gyeran jjim (Steamed egg) $11

The total bill came up to $84 and that's considered really cheap for this amount of dishes.
We 4 had a hard time finishing the food. 

Thanks Mx for the recommendation! Will definitely bring Sean here for their BBQ and his favourite dukbokki :)

Wore the open back Topaz Eyelet Dress in purple out last Sunday to Suntec City.
Love the contrasting overlay of grey lining, makes the eyelet stand out!

Settled our dinner at Marutama Ramen!
Wasn't expecting to see such an empty restaurant during dinner time.
I thought it used to be very crowded? Guess I haven't been to Suntec for quite some time.
But it's good in a way because we didn't need to wait too long for the food to be served :p

Not sure if it's me or the standard at the outlet dropped. It might be the reason of the empty restaurant..
Sad to say that Ippudo wins hands down now :( 

Will blog about my night to F1 & Bigbang performance soon! 
Till then.. 


  1. What camera are you using?

  2. Hi Jolene, may I know roughly how much you will be pricing for the upcoming romper? Thanks!

  3. oh great! Another korean eatery to try!


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