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Back with tons of shameless selfies, I can't help it but I'm so in love with my new hair! 
After more than a month, I finally went back to SalonVim to get my hair done. 
Thou I really wanted to get an ash blonde head, my hair couldn't take anymore of bleaching :( 
So I listened to my stylist, Fiona's advice and went for a closer shade of ash blonde.
4 hours of sitting alone in the salon was no joke because Lu's stylist was on leave so we had to do it on different days. 
So glad the colour turned out exactly like how I wanted it to be! 
Super love this very light brown colour Fiona mixed :)

Here's how healthy it is after getting the highly recommended Arimino Privy treatment!
Soft and smoooooooth~
I've previously blogged about the awesome treatment, so read about the wonders it can do HERE;

The SalonVim IG giveaway
#ilovesalonvim because they are giving one of my lucky readers a chance to win 1x Redken Chemistry Cocktail Hair Treatment!

To join, all you have to do is post a video/picture and complete the hashtag #ilovesalonvim - and leave a comment on my photo so that I can pick a winner!
On top of that, all entries with the #ilovesalonvim will be entered for a lucky draw, where the 3 most creative entries will get to win really awesome prizes!

Really wish I can win the $1000 Chanel vouchers but the giveaway isn't for bloggers :(
So do participate and win on my behalf!!

For the terms & conditions, please visit:
Salon Vim By Chez Vous

313 @Somerset Orchard Road #04-07/08/09 S238895
68847757 / 68847767 (313 Outlet)
235/235A Victoria Street S188027
68370073 / 68370045 (Bugis Outlet) 

Dont forget to mention my name for a 10% off :)
Immediately after my hair appointment, I went down for my favourite Smoothie King
I don't really enjoy the wraps there cuz I'm not a veg person but the smoothie is so good!!
You've really got to try it for yourself!

Really hope someone franchises Smoothie King to Compass Point so I can replace it with my nearly daily bbt addiction.
Btw Sean's denim jacket is from Accessed & they just launched a new collection so go check it out if you would like :)

What I wore; Vertigo Embroidered Dress launching on Monday 830pm ;) 
Super sweet and dainty piece, doesn't fit my character but suits my hair real well haha

And the other day to shopping with the boyfriend!
In the versatile Kerr Lace Top, which also comes in black!
Wear it with pencil skirts to the office or match it with shorts for a casual look like what I did ;)

Asked Sean to do an ootd shot with me and he immediately agreed ;)
The berms is also available in Access-ed latest collection btw, the bicycle prints are so adorable omg
And if you all realised, Sean permed his hair!! 
 I was only told when he got it done la, cannot stand how he's so vain sometimes haha

Alright have a good Sunday y'all!
Thank you for dropping by, till then..


  1. Which colour would you choose if you were to get the iPhone 5S? :)

  2. Hi Jol,
    May I know where you got the white wedges?(from your last pic) thanks in advance!
    Please consider to open a askfm! hehe

    1. I got it online sometime back dear!
      Have been wanting to, haha will do so soon;)

  3. Hi dear, will there be any BO for Kerr Lace Top White S? Didnt manage to catch the launch and its sold out :( thanks! :)

  4. No Bo for this collection dear but we will be releasing slots from dead buyers!
    Do add yourself to waiting list:)

  5. Hi Jo, will this white spag bustier paired with the pink skirt be launched soon? had been eyeing for quite some time! :/

    1. Hi dear we're hoping it will reach us by Xmas too! Will rush our supplier sorry to have kept you waiting!!


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