Vintage High-Tea @ House Dempsey ; Bacon & Booze; @Snspa

How time flies we are already into the last 1/3 of the year. 
It feels as though we were just done with mass meetups for Cny earlier this year and right now we are starting to prepare our designs for Cny 2014. 
And because Cny 14' is on the last week of Jan, everything needs to chop chop abit! 
So no more slacking or going on long holidays till next year! 
We're planning to head to Japan this time with the same shameless #9hottiestakeonkorea groupie next Feb/March. 
I've never been to Japan so I'm really looking forward to it. Now's the time for me to work extra hard! 

Amidst the launches I managed to find time to have a date with Sean and we headed to House @Dempsey. One thing I like about Dempsey is that there is no problem looking for parking lots unlike the usual brunch places. + it's FOC! 
Before I sidetrack, we heard about the highly raved vintage high-tea and decided to give it a try.

So we arrived and I was blown away by the pretty decorations at the buffet table. 
Anyone can tell the amount of effort put in with its fresh flowers, suitcases, books for stacking, mismatch and vintage looking plates and stands! 

It was like an instant mood lifter, was so happy to see these pretty little things. 
Got really tempted to start with the sweets but I knew I had to go for the savouries first before my stomach leaves out any space for it.
Thou the variety for savoury wasn't a lot, I enjoyed the skinny pizzas very much.
Squid ink seafood and truffled mushroom pizzas to be exact, they're so tasty and crispy on every bite!
They had mini sized pastas and meatballs were pretty good as well.
Unfortunately, the mini burgers were cold and rather dry, you might want to skip them..

Cakes heaven!!
Then to the sweets! I was actually looking forward to see macarons but nope they had everything but macarons.
Well.. at least the cake loft made up for it. Still dreaming about it now I wish I had more that day! 

Sean was complaining about the sun in his face because I requested for window seats upon reaching but I'm sure he enjoyed this session of high-tea with me! Haha

Wearing Le Baroque Dress to the buffet was quite a bad idea, but still received a couple of compliments that day :) 
Last few pieces available here!  

Overall it was a very good experience at House, it was my second time dining there and their service has been really prompt. 
Oh yes Vintage high-tea is only available on Thurs & Friday 3pm-530pm @ $25++ 
Remember to make reservations for it ;) 

On Sunday we visited Bacon & Booze located at one of the quietest corners of SG. 
The weather was scorching hot that day and there was no air-con at B&B so we were totally perspiring like crazy throughout our meal. 
Their brunch menu looked really promising but to our disappointment it didnt taste as good as it seemed.
On the other hand, it seemed like a nice place to chill at night. Just booze and booze would be good imo! 

Was told by Mx that these are actually chalets that the public can rent but I really wonder who would want to spend their night here. Hmm

Wearing an upcoming printed playsuit in blue that comes in black as well
Love how it doesn't look so casual with the pleated bottom which made it look like a dress!

And today I went back to Sensual Nails Spa for my monthly nails session with them and look what my nails transformed to!
 It's mad gorgeous isn't it? Tiffany x White floral with a tinge of gold
A big thankyou to Nicol for working on it from scratch for hours, it looked so tedious omg
 The 3d floral petals took the longest to be completed, and sticking the mini gold balls pearl by pearl.
Mad love this design! By far the prettiest set I've done with Sensual Nails Spa :)
So apt for my cousin's wedding coming up at the end of the month so meanwhile I just have to take good care of them!

Sensual Nails Spa 
(just 5mins walk from Bishan Junction 8)
Block 507 Bishan Street 11 #01-398
Singapore 570507
Tel: 6259-0889 (appointment required)

Thank you Sensual Nails Spa!

Met up with this Pikachu (inside joke lol) for dinner at Ma Maison, Bugis+ 

We ate so much just now it's kinda scary. 
Started with dinner at Ma Maison then a bowl of blackball and before we left we got a crepe each! 

Wearing this comfy Cutout Top!
It's so versatile and wearable I can predict myself wearing it very often.
Thinking of wearing the yellow piece to the airport to pick Sean tomorrow.
Can't wait for him to be back thou he's only away for 2 days lol, promised him I'll sleep by midnight today.
So I better get going! Thankyou for reading y'all :)

Till then.. 


  1. The tempted to use my hours on them..

    fyi, i look better today :D

    1. Just do that, eat the cake loft on my behalf!!
      That's good news see you tomorrow Pika!

  2. Hello Jolene, may i ask where did you get your hat from? The one you wore to B&B with a little black ribbon. It's so pretty & sweet. I wanna get something like this too for my upcoming beach getaway! Hehee! ;)

    1. Hello that I got it from Seoul! You can try Bugis actually, I saw similar ones there :)

  3. Hi Babe. Will the skirt that u wore with the comfy cutout top be launch in Ohvola?

  4. Hi there Jolene, is the floral pants you wore with the Black LASHAY TOP an upcoming Ohvola piece?
    Really love the floral prints and colour a lot, hope i can purchase it soon. :)

    1. Yes it will be launched this weekend ;)
      I loveeeeee the prints as well!

  5. Hi Jolene, are you using samsung ex2f for your blog and instagram photos? is it good? im thinking to get it from comex this weekend. what mode do you used too?

    1. I hope you got the camera cos its by far the best compact camera i've used!! It depends on what I'm taking for the mode actually.

  6. Hi will we need to strapless bra to wear the cutout top? Thanks!

  7. Hi, where is the crepe stall located?


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