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Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you need

So it was mommy's birthday on Saturday! Our pillar of strength who nurtured us to what we have become today.
My mom, is also like my friend whom I can talk to about everything under the sun. I am truly grateful for her, wouldn't trade her for anything else in the world. 
So the sisters made reservations for lunch at Yu Cuisine at Mbs ;)

The complimentary longevity peach aka shou tao was really good because the fillings was custard instead of the usual lotus paste.  Just like liushabao, so yummy! 
My ootd was Equinox Cropped Top with Sans Embossed Skirt which some mistook as a dress!  Love how this combination complements each other so well ;) 
And the embossed can finally be seen in this pic I took before heading out!  Received some emails asking if it's very shiny, not to worry it's just a tad sheen on the embossed area :) 
Flowers from the boys! 
Love you Mona Lisa!!

The day before was a celebration with all her favourite kids; And because my mom is such a mahjong f…

Of happy occasions

These 2 weeks have all been about celebrating birthdays for the libra babies which means I get to dress up a little more than usual! I'm also really glad that our designs with better quality and fabric used are finally in by batches.
We will be launching on a more regular basis now, so keep a lookout for us!
Expect more gorgeous pieces like maxis and embellished dresses that's suitable for year end events:)

Here's what I wore to Chanel's birthday last week, black on black
Cut in Kara cropped top with lace details at the side :)

Bruno's Pizzeria & Grill.  338 Tanjong Katong Road 64404525 One of the best Italian restaurants I have been to so far! Though their service can be abit slow, it's definitely worth the wait.
It's a very small and homely restaurant which means it's usually fully housed so do remember to make reservations!  We started off with some appetizers to share! The Foie Gras were pan seared to perfection! Even Cheng who doesn't enjoy …