Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you need

So it was mommy's birthday on Saturday! Our pillar of strength who nurtured us to what we have become today.
My mom, is also like my friend whom I can talk to about everything under the sun. I am truly grateful for her, wouldn't trade her for anything else in the world. 

So the sisters made reservations for lunch at Yu Cuisine at Mbs ;)

The complimentary longevity peach aka shou tao was really good because the fillings was custard instead of the usual lotus paste. 
Just like liushabao, so yummy! 

My ootd was Equinox Cropped Top with Sans Embossed Skirt which some mistook as a dress! 
Love how this combination complements each other so well ;) 

And the embossed can finally be seen in this pic I took before heading out! 
Received some emails asking if it's very shiny, not to worry it's just a tad sheen on the embossed area :) 

Flowers from the boys! 

Love you Mona Lisa!!

The day before was a celebration with all her favourite kids;
And because my mom is such a mahjong fanatic...

Mahjong jellyheart cake!

Navibot from all of them!

Kudos to Ree and Char for lugging this present all the way by themselves! 

Brunch at Strangers' Reunion before the Ktv;
The mains were pretty mediocre, taste just like any other brunch places i've been to..

But the truffle fries was one of the best I have had in awhile!

Buttermilk waffles, the must order when you're at Strangers' Reunion

And here's what i wore, Blyth Knit in pink and the worn to death bottom from Zara! 
If you saw my ig, pink is a colour I usually avoid but this piece was too pretty to miss. 
I actually told Lu I wanna chop this piece once we receive the stocks :) 

Lastly, here's Middleton dress perfect for the OLs! 

See you at our launch at 830pm (
Till then...


  1. the embossed skirt is really pretty! is there anymore upcoming skirts? :)

    1. Yay yes we do! What would you like to see? We have slit skirts, leather embossed flare skirts, midi skirts coming soon :)

  2. where did u guys get the jelly mahjong cake? thank you :)


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