Phuket Travelogue; introducing Foto Hotel

Back from our short trip to Phuket!
Never thought I would head to Phuket because I'm not a beach kinda girl but upon seeing Celeste's pictures on fb, I knew I had to be there.
And since it was our 88th monthsary, it would be nice to spend it out of Sg ;) 
A million thankyous to Cel for the tips and answering all sorts of rubbishy questions from me. 

I would say it was a really relaxing trip for the both of us. Own time own target, not bothered by anything else. 
Only thing was I got so much tanner, all my effort in becoming fair the past few months has gone to waste.
Anyone has any tips in becoming fair in the shortest time, do share with me!

Our air tickets were bought from jetstar's 1-for-1 promo so it was pretty cheap, like $300 for two?
Sep-Oct is the low peak period of Phuket cos it's their monsoon season. 
And the good thing about low peak is that everything else is cheaper than usual! But it was also sort of a risk to travel at this time.
I guess we were considered very lucky that it didn't really rain when we were there! 

After an hour on the road via the public taxi, we finally arrived at Foto Hotel!
The modern monochrome concept of the hotel.
And while waiting to check into our room..

We took pictures with the signature bear of the hotel! 

Berms with yacht prints as seen on Sean is upcoming on Access-ed ;)

Presenting our humble stay of 2 nights!
This bigger-than-king-size bed was one of the most comfortable ones I've slept on! Not kidding
I would definitely have a hard time waking up every morning if my bed at home was this comfy!! 

 Love the balcony with the outdoor bed! 
You can actually request for jacuzzi in the balcony as well but silly us didn't indicate that when we booked the room :(
The view we wake up to every morning :D 
We really wanted the one with ocean view, unfortunately it was all taken so we could only make do with this. 
Saw from the reviews that there were people who paid for ocean view but could only see a small part of the sea. 
Phew money saved! (Haha sour grapes mode on)

One major issue was that the hotel didn't have any lifts to access to the rooms. 
In order to go in and out of the hotel, we had to climb at least 5 flight of stairs and that's super tiring..
So do remember to ask for rooms nearer to the lobby if you're lazy like us!

Dropped our luggages and headed out to explore. 
I would say every part of the hotel is photo worthy! Maybe that's the reason it's called Foto hotel?
The silhouette pool with a spectacular view of Kata Noi beach! One of the main reasons why we chose this hotel 

This chillout area is where everyone watches the sunset in the evening while sipping on their drinks!

Tiffin Mama, where we had our daily breakfast. 

 Our first meal in Phuket definitely had to be Phad Thai and Green Curry :)

Foto hotel is located on top of a hill at Kata Beach which means it's not very accessible! 
We had to walk for 15mins down the hill to reach the beach, the shopping area.
There was no footpath so we were practically walking by the steep and unstable road, 1 inch away from the vehicles.
It would be a different story if we rented a scooter thou, the tuktuk is ridiculously expensive in Phuket!

Finally arrived at Kata beach
Never knew we had to pay 100baht for a suntan seat like this! 
Thought I got cheated by the guy who collected 200baht from me, then I saw him doing the same to the others haha

There are 3 timings for the shuttle service to and fro the beach daily. 
And that was when I realized the Thais are super punctual, because we missed the bus by 1min. 
Called the hotel after waiting for 10mins only to realize the bus had already reached the hotel -.- 

Once again, we took the very steep road up back to the hotel and we nearly died on our way up.
We were still saying we will accept any tuktuk offers on our way up but no tuktuk drove past :( 

Immediately jumped into the pool and that was when we saw the prettiest sunset, so near so surreal..

So here's my day 1 at Phuket for you. 
Would recommend you guys to stay in Foto hotel if you're looking for an affordable, quiet, well-designed hotel with fantastic view!
Will be blogging about island hopping and a story to share in the next post so stay tuned! 
Till then..


  1. Hi Jolene,may I ask how long it takes from this hotel to patong beach and phuket town? Thanks

    1. Hello there if you travel by tuktuk, it's around 15-20mins for 200-300baht!

  2. Hi Jolene,

    Is 2 days enough at Phuket? Or would 3 days be better?
    And you are so lucky to be able to get the 1-1 promo!

    1. Hello there are also attractive promos every friday on jetstar you might wanna check it out :)
      Also I think it'd be better to go for 3days if you intend to go island hopping cos in case it rains on that particular day, it will be pushed to the next day. It's not refundable for my package! And we should have visited other beaches in phuket but we didnt! So 2 days is definitely not enough!

  3. Hi Jolene,
    nice place&beautiful you!
    What camera do you use photography?

  4. Hi Jolene,

    May i ask, are there breakfast areas within walking distance to the hotel?



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