Phuket Travelogue Part II; Phiphi Island, Maya Bay, Khai Island

Started off our day 2 at Phuket with a hearty breakfast at the hotel. 
Almost couldnt wake up in time for it because we opted for a super early package to go island hopping. 
This one day activity was recommended by the taxi driver who drove us to the hotel!
Reviews said that the breakfast variety was very limited but you can't expect full range of international breakfast for a small hotel like this right? 
And since I don't usually have much appetite for too much food in the morning, it was good enough for me. 

I chose Chinese cuisine out of the 3 choices while Sean had Western
For the first time, I felt that I made the right choice of food because the soup, prawns and fried rice were all so yummy. If only I had enough time to finish them up! 

Then we rushed down to the lobby to rent the waterproof camera. 
We only had to pay 800baht for the memory card and a deposit of 3000baht. 
Kudos to Foto hotel for the thoughtful service, we didn't have to deliberately buy one ;) 

And when we reached the lobby, the bus was already waiting for us even when we were 5mins early. 
The thais are indeed too punctual ;O

Anyway, here's a pretty hilarious story of us to share;
It was stated on the brochure that we had to bring cash but the super smart boyfriend decided to only bring the loose change and kept the rest in the hotel. 

me: '800baht enough meh?' 
sean: 'ya.. lunch provided what' 

Plus I also had this super auntie mentality that our belongings would get stolen when we were out at sea snorkeling/swimming so I agreed to only bring the loose change.

And guess what, when we arrived for briefing the first thing they did was to collect the deposit for snorkeling goggles. 

1 FOR 500BAHT. 
We were both like wtf.. 

We can't possibly go back to the hotel to get the $ since it was quite a distance away and none of the people there were from our hotel so we can't borrow from them either.
I started giving Sean the evil stare and he said 'now is not the time to blame me' hahaha
But thank god, they were nice enough to waive the deposit fees when we told them we left our wallet in the hotel. #ThaisFTW

And so we began our island hopping! 
Pretty skies and turquoise water, we were blessed with awesome weather that day!

Started off with a little swimming at Maya Bay!
That was when Sean realized he jumped into the sea in his singlet which meant he had to wear a wet singlet for the entire day. Too excited like a kid! lol. 

Then was monkey feeding time!
Monkeys these days are so practical, we thought we had to leave the boat to feed them but no they simply jumped onto our deck and snatched whatever food they saw. 
Check out the little one drinking coke, so cute! 

Snorkeling time which I anticipated the most but was really disappointed because all I saw were these yellow looking fishes! 
The corals were all dead and the water wasn't as clear as I thought it should be :( 
Snorkeling at Redang a few years back was so much better in comparison. 
We made full use of the camera nonetheless. 

Next was lunch and a little shopping at the beautiful Phiphi island where we spent all our money.

Plate frame with our faces 150baht
Sean's new lime singlet 150baht
Sweets 130baht
And I used the rest of the 370baht on a maxi

The maxi was 550 but I told the owner all I have is 370 so he unwillingly sold it to me! 

Sigh pie.. It was a really bad move for spending all our money that early because we were then given 2hrs free time on this Khai island where you can pay for jet ski/banana boat etc. 
Remember what I mentioned about paying 150baht for beach chairs? It applies to Khai island as well. 
It was really terrible to have no money left because everything is so commercialized in Phuket now. 

Finally found some umbrellas without the beach chairs, so pathetic! 
The worst part was when we were really thirsty but had to reject all those food sellers going round and round the beach.
No coconut, no beach chair, no ice-cream, as though we were stranded at some island..
Then I recalled that they were complimentary pepsi in our speedboat and Sean hurried went back for the last bottle. And boy.. it was the best bottle of pepsi ever!!

Reminded me of this funny Thai advert that never fails to make me laugh like mad

I felt like I was the guy holding the crab pincer HAHAHA
Oh well.. Lesson learnt!

We paid 1800baht per pax for visiting 5 islands with lunch provided but we only went to 3. 
Not complaining because we were already very lethargic by the time we went to the third island.
The only thing that I didn't like was that the boat was way too small and squeezy for 40pax, just wished I had a more comfy seat. 

Went back to our hotel to wash up and saw the prettiest sunset in awhile! 
The beauty of nature.. 

Took the shuttle bus down to town for dinner! 
Ended the night with this nutella prata thingy and another round of massage.
It's a must for us to go for foot massage everyday whenever we are in Thailand!

Kept day 3 simple and slow since we had a plane to catch in the evening.
It's always nice to travel with my boyfriend aka my soul mate aka my personal photographer!
Looking forward to the next getaway with him! Maybe one for our 8th Anniversary? *fingers crossed*

Took me 2 days to complete this entry, hope you all enjoyed reading!!
Till then... 


  1. hi jo, where did you get the jeans paired with the crop top from the latest launch? :)

    1. thanks! :) btw, what size are you wearing?

    2. hi jo, hope you can reply me soon! :)


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