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New favourite; Spathe Public House

Living by my new motto;  'Life only comes around once, so do whatever makes you happy, and be with whoever makes you smile' I love having brunch on weekends, especially with my girlfriends aka monsterz.  If you dont already know, the 5 of us call ourselves monsterz ever since the bkk trip together earlier this year lol. (thou we are not really recognized and the boys call us 'dinosaurs' instead haha) I kinda miss the good old days we spent in bkk, just the 5 of us.  Everyday was just pure happiness.  It's no longer easy to arrange a day out all together especially when we have our own committments now. It takes 2 hands to clap, things will only work out if everyones put in effort to.  I really treasure these girls and hope to grow old with them like those in Sex and the city! 
On a brighter note, we met up for a short brunch last Sunday.  Wearing the upcoming Saunter Cut-out Top in white Perfect loose fitting top for laid back days!
How it looks like when tucked out!  The l…

Go Blonde; SensualNailsSpa; I.T Store opening; ChockFullOfBeans; #TiffanyTakaXmas

November has been a pretty exciting month so far, my scheduler is fully scribbled with plans and activities. The past week had been really awesome ever since we started attending events because we got to meet some new friends and had opportunities we cannot be more thankful for. Cannot wait for December already!
Remember what I said about bleaching my hair in the previous few posts? So glad I finally did it! Thou my stylist Fiona has been constantly reminding me that my hair condition won't be as good as before, I just had to give it a shot! After hours of sitting in Salon Vim, I finally got the colour I want :)  Tried a new treatment for the first time called KeraFusion by Kerastase.  Basically it's a concentrate that will be mixed with a capsule of booster. By right it's just 1 booster per concentrate but Fiona actually gave me x3 the booster.  That's how bad my hair needs this treatment.  Its purpose was to reconstruct and fill the protein in the hair that was blea…