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November has been a pretty exciting month so far, my scheduler is fully scribbled with plans and activities. The past week had been really awesome ever since we started attending events because we got to meet some new friends and had opportunities we cannot be more thankful for. Cannot wait for December already!

Remember what I said about bleaching my hair in the previous few posts? So glad I finally did it! Thou my stylist Fiona has been constantly reminding me that my hair condition won't be as good as before, I just had to give it a shot! After hours of sitting in Salon Vim, I finally got the colour I want :)
 Tried a new treatment for the first time called KeraFusion by Kerastase. 
Basically it's a concentrate that will be mixed with a capsule of booster. By right it's just 1 booster per concentrate but Fiona actually gave me x3 the booster. 
That's how bad my hair needs this treatment. 
Its purpose was to reconstruct and fill the protein in the hair that was bleached away which allows my hair to feel more 'alive' after firming it. Exactly what I needed! 

 Really love how it turned out, hope I managed to pull of the 'fake angmoh' look haha 

Wearing an upcoming bomber jacket I love to bits. It's what I would totally wear to keep in warm in lectures/office yet not too casual. Been wearing it out to movies and I think I definitely need more of this in my bursting wardrobe!

And here's what I brought home!
Bain Chroma Riche shampoo that specially locks the colour and keeping its shine at the same time.
Have been diligently using it for the past few days and boy I am so glad Kerastase came up with the dual pump Fibre Architecte leave in serum. It works wonders for my bleached hair.
Hopefully my hair condition will look as if it hasn't been bleached after using these for a longer period of time!
It's time to pamper yourself girls, especially when it's end of the year, everyone just wants to look good isnt it? ;)

Simply quote my name 'Jolene' for a 10% off

Salon Vim By Chez Vous

313 @Somerset Orchard Road #04-07/08/09 S238895

68847757 / 68847767 (313 Outlet)


Visited Chock Full of Beans for the first time!
#01-2090, 4 Changi Village Road

Located at the end of a row of shophouses! Wanted to visit CFOB because of their specialty in latte art. It was pretty empty but we still made a reservation anyway. 
Silly us didn't check their menu and assumed they serve all day brunch, only to find out it's only available on weekends.. 

Don't know what got into us but we both ordered sandwiches that I could easily make at home haha
They tasted quite ok.. Nothing fantastic about it. 
We should have ordered pastas instead! Will prolly be back for dinner next time since the price is rather reasonable with no gst/service charge. 

After waiting for 30mins, our 3D latte art were finally served ;)
Isn't it the cutest latte ever? Best part is it only costs $6. Definitely an A-for-effort for the talented barista!!

Sean who didn't really appreciate the 3D art and finished the latte almost immediately haha

Outfit shot with the sister before heading to Taka for the Tiffany&Co event! 

High collar top with front and back slits upcoming on Ohvola! 
The material used is really awesome, will stock it up at Kissjane for you to try for yourself before the launch :) 
Necklace - H&M
Skirt - F21
Clutch - YSL
Heels - JC 

Almost 1 more month to Christmas, are you feeling the season already? 
For me, Xmas is the time of giving and I can't wait to go shop for my loved ones already! 
The beautiful Xmas tree right smack in the middle of Taka by Tiffany&Co!
So thrilled, we were invited to witness the light up of the tree together with our partner ;) 

They say kissing under the mistletoe gives the couple good luck heh 
Thankq my dear boyfriend for being there with me, I know it's not your thing to attend events and stuff :')

Photo credits Xinmsn;

With the rest of the Gushers and +1! Everyone looked so good :D

Pretty ladies, Jade Seah and Joanna! 

Here's the super gorgeous Eunice who can easily be recognized as the queen of modeling for online stores!

With Jessica aka Tippytapp who looked so much like a doll irl! 

And we also spotted our lovely customer Alene wearing an Ohvola design to the event! 
Aww.. She looked so good in this lace frock :) 

Thankyou Tiffany&Co and StylexStyle for having us, we definitely had a great time there! :) 


And so after a month, I finally removed the pop-art nails and went for something simple yet sophisticated. 
It's a set of Zipper x Chanel design ;) 
As usual, it's all hand-drawn by the skillful manicurist! I just cant stop looking at them all day..

Thank you Snspa for giving me pretty nails and keeping them healthy at the same time :) 

Yellow Organza top coming soon on Ohvola as well! 

Quote 'Jolene' and enjoy 10% off regular priced services :) 

Sensual Nails Spa
Block 507 Bishan Street 11 #01-398
Singapore 570507
Tel: 6259-0889 (appointment required)


Also last week, we were invited to the opening of the second i.t store at Bugis!
i.t is a multi-label store which carries diversified and versatile street fashion items from in-house exclusive labels such as fingercroxx, 5cm, izzue, as well as CHOCOOLATE.

So with the many different styles under one roof, there is definitely something for you. 
They were all saying Lu was so sweet to shop for her bf while the rest of us were shopping for ourselves! Hah

With Rachel & Joanna, we are now the 3 blondies gushers! 

Happy to see this animal lover Chevonne again after so long :) 

Wore this upcoming drop-waist dress which I'm keeping in both colours! 

My all time fav, Itacho for dinner after which! 

Ending the massive picture post with a selfie of my best friend who was getting annoyed with us hooked on our phones. Hahaha!

Thankyou for reading, have a great week ahead ya'll! 
Till then.. 


  1. When will the upcoming items available at kissjane?

    1. They collected the stocks today, should be put up by tomorrow :)

  2. Hi, regarding about the jacket that you wore this post when will it be selling at kissjane? Hope to hear from you. Tks

    1. Hi babe, you can check out kissjane tomorrow(wed) as well! Comes in size S&M ;)

    2. thanks! will drop by on thursday or friday. anyway can i check with you did u stock up Olsen Skorts at kissjane outlet? Hope you will put more stocks there~

    3. No dear we did not stock Olsen Skorts there! Noted your feedback :)

  3. Hi. I have emailed you all regarding wrong item received. Please reply. Thanks

    1. Oh dear you should have received a reply from our team by now!

  4. U look great with your new hair color Jol. See you soon :)

  5. Are there any feet candies upcoming at Ohvola? :)

  6. Hi may I know where did you get skirt (the one u pair it with yellow top)
    And also the black heels you match it with the royal blue dress. Thank

    1. Hello! Sean got the skirt for me from Bkk while the heels is from Seoul :)

  7. Hi Jolene! May I ask where did you buy your Boy Chanel Celtic from? Can't seem to score it in the SG boutiques! Thanks (:

    1. Hi babe I got my eldest sis to get it for me from London! :)

  8. Hi Jolene, may I know where you usually get your chanel earrings from? :)

    1. Hi there, I used to get them from Bkk airport:)
      Hardly buy any now!


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