Pardon my very backdated post, I know Halloween was 2 weeks back but better late than never isn't it ;)
My Halloween night was spent in Adrian's neighborhood, an area where many caucasians live. 
And celebrating the last day of Oct is actually a big deal for their case. 
It's really nice how the entire neighborhood dresses up and some houses specially decorated their place to welcome the kids for trick or treats. 
Cars were also stopped from entering that night so we can roam around freely just for this special event, how cool is that!
So this year, we specially took time off from work for it and even rented our costumes one week before. #SuperEnthu 

The costume I chose was Robin Girl which I believe some of you would go like 'who the heck is that?' Robin is actually Batman's sidekick. 
So yea I'm Batman's sidekick's sidekick lol 
A few days before Halloween, I saw this hashtag going on Rozz's Ig which says #bescarynotslutty. Then I was pretty worried that my getup would be reflected as slutty cos of the corset and short skirt. 
But oh well, since I already rented it I shall just be a superhero that night. 
Promise to be scarier next year! 

Paris Hilton looking real hot in the outfit! 

Meet Geraldine, the Wonder woman! 

 Here's Sean helping his sister Charlene on the scary makeup! 
The Lee siblings are indeed the most enthu cos they spent so much on the fake blood and skin omg..

Left the gate open and ready for trick or treat! 
Featuring Dennis the pope, Sean the roman soldier and Morgan the chinese vampire. Morg's makeup was the winner of the night, he managed to scare a couple of little kids hah it was so hilarious! 

Can you guess who Char is? She's the Chucky doll and Desiree was the dead Geisha! 

All 18 of us had to bring 1kg of candies each and can you imagine 18kg of sweets were given out in less than an hour? 

 Epic awesome family of the night, the avengers! :D

Aladdin & Princess Jasmine

+ Samurai Vincent and Geisha Qian

 + The greek gods, Jianing and Yaomin

 Charlene found her friend..

 And I found mine too! Super cute baby robin! 

 With Jerrine the dead GeGe

 With a baby spiderman, omg why are all the angmoh babies so adorable!! 

 Here's Jr the priest, A for effort for his makeup!

 Geraldine's Thor, Cheng finally came after his work

After our 18kg of sweets were given out, it was our turn to roam about the streets!

Stopping for pictures every now and then

 Dennis was prolly the superstar of the night, he had so many 'followers' who wanted him to bless them  HAHAHA check out the expressions of this group of people! 

 The bunch of spontaneous friends, havoc 18 of us hence the #havocween18 that Qian came up with! 

We then proceeded to Playhouse in our costumes! 
A pity we were the only group there who dressed up that night since most people usually celebrate it on weekends.
We had alot of fun among ourselves nonetheless ;) 
 What happened that night shall remain as a secret for us :/ 

Shall end with this video I shared on my fb, do watch it now if you havent! 
Promise you will like it:)

Ok time to go back to my drama! I'm currently hooked to this show called Prince of Lanling. 
It's my second day watching and I'm already at ep17 omg.
Not gonna deny but I have a big thing for ancient chinese dramas ever since I watched Scarlet Heart aka BuBuJingXin .
More on that in the next post! 

Thankyou for dropping by! Till then.. 


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    1. I'm already at 28 now! But i'm not looking forward to the sad ending..

  2. Hi Jolene, can I check with you where did you rent the costumes for Halloween from? Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. what happen that night? pls share the story!

  4. Hi Jolene, may i know how much is the rental cost? Thanks


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