New favourite; Spathe Public House

Living by my new motto; 
'Life only comes around once, so do whatever makes you happy, and be with whoever makes you smile'
I love having brunch on weekends, especially with my girlfriends aka monsterz
If you dont already know, the 5 of us call ourselves monsterz ever since the bkk trip together earlier this year lol.
(thou we are not really recognized and the boys call us 'dinosaurs' instead haha)
I kinda miss the good old days we spent in bkk, just the 5 of us
Everyday was just pure happiness. 
It's no longer easy to arrange a day out all together especially when we have our own committments now. It takes 2 hands to clap, things will only work out if everyones put in effort to. 
I really treasure these girls and hope to grow old with them like those in Sex and the city! 

On a brighter note, we met up for a short brunch last Sunday. 
Wearing the upcoming Saunter Cut-out Top in white
Perfect loose fitting top for laid back days!

How it looks like when tucked out! 
The launch at 830pm later btw :) 

Visited Spathe Public House located at the shophouses along Mohd Sultan.
8 Mohamed Sultan Road #01-01 
Initially we made reservations for outdoor seats but it was pouring like crazy so we settled inside. 
The rain only stopped after we finished our food, oh well.. 

The rustic interior with graffiti art over the brick walls

4 of us ordered similar mains, it was just poached eggs with hollandaise sauce with different toppings!
And when it was served, we were busy comparing our poached eggs to see if there were runny enough and not fully cooked. To our pleasant surprise, all 4 plates of eggs were very nicely done :) 

I particularly love the smoked salmon which I thought was pretty fresh and the toast was also well toasted. The hollandaise sauce reminds me of the one I had at Penny University, very flavourful! 

Eggs Mushroom $16

 Eggs Royale $18

 Eggs benedict $17

 The garlic fries $8, was nothing short of amazing. Every stick was strongly infused with garlic. 
In fact, I would prefer this to the truffle fries anytime! 
It was super addictive I think I had more than half the basket.

 I would gladly visit Spathe for brunch again for its delicious food at reasonable pricing. 
I'm already planing for a return with my family :) 

 Ootd is necessary especially when they are both decked in Ohvola label! 
On Desiree, Kara Crop Top with Sans Embossed Skirt
On Geraldine, Le Baroque Dress black 

Friends for a decade and counting!


The other day when I wore Hampstons Playsuit in black
Love the quirky aztec print because I don't really need to accessorize with it!
The best part is it's made of v structured yet stretchy material so it doesn't crumple easily :)  

Alright, I'm dragging my lazy ass to the gym tomorrow!
Till then..


  1. will there be bo for suanter cut top in both colors? hope to get my hands on this beauty piece.

    1. BO for Saunter top will be up together with next collection's :)


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