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Paint Me Real;

Every Valentine's Day, I will have a hard time deciding what I should get for Sean.  For the past years, I got either a wallet/perfume/watch which was rather boring with no sincerity Imo.  When my readers ask me for opinions on what they should get for their boyfriends, I have nothing really interesting to recommend.   Until recently, I heard about Paint Me Real. 

Paint Me Real is an international brand that paints high quality oil canvas portraits that is trusted by Global Standards.
So I submitted this recent photo of Sean and I to get it painted!  Within 2 weeks I received it and here's what I got :
It turned out better than expected!  I think the person painted me prettier than in the photo which I especially like haha
Prices starting from USD$80 for couple portraits like mine.  All along I thought canvas painting was around USD$300-$400? Where can you get personalized high quality hand painted oil canvas painting portraits for USD$80! 
I really wonder how long they t…

X'MAS 13

Big love to Sensual Nails Spa for my new set of Xmas Nails!  CNY is almost a month away and I was told that they are fully booked from 23rd Jan onwards.  So hurry & call 62590889 to secure a slot for yourself! My appointment is on the 21st and I can't wait to see what magic the manicurists can do! It's a MUST to have pretty nails for CNY isnt it? :) 
 Just look at the exquisite details of every nailart.  Totally explains the skills of the manicurists at @Snspa!  Remember to quote 'Jolene' and enjoy 10% off regular priced services :) 
Sensual Nails Spa Block 507 Bishan Street 11 #01-398 Singapore 570507 (just a stone's throw away from J8)

 A little obsessed with sets recently, Tinsel top and shorts available here ;) 
And all things glitter, Feline Shimmer Skirt in champagne!

Last week before X'mas I went back to Salon Vim wanting to touch up on my hair roots,
because my bleached hair was seriously getting out of hand. It definitely needs a lot of discipline to ma…

BORA to the CAY ;)

Hola I'm back from paradise!  It was a really good trip with the gushcloud family because we bonded and got to know one another better.    To be honest, prior to the trip I was expecting some major issues to occur because we were traveling in such a big group of 27pax.  However after spending my last 4d3n with them, I realized every blogger is really nice and genuine. I mean it.   I enjoyed their company very much. Some were more outspoken while some were like me, quieter ones. Haha Well it's better to have a mixture of both in a group isn't it?  Also, our managers took great care of us as though we were princes/princesses and I cannot be more thankful for them.  
 On the flight back from Kalibo Airport (Boracay), I experienced the worst turbulence of my life.  It was so bad, the plane actually 'dropped' 3 times and the passengers started screaming at every impact. Thank god it was still just bad turbulence, part of every plane ride.   Good thing I had my sister with me to h…