BORA to the CAY ;)

Hola I'm back from paradise! 
It was a really good trip with the gushcloud family because we bonded and got to know one another better.  
 To be honest, prior to the trip I was expecting some major issues to occur because we were traveling in such a big group of 27pax. 
However after spending my last 4d3n with them, I realized every blogger is really nice and genuine. I mean it.  
I enjoyed their company very much. Some were more outspoken while some were like me, quieter ones. Haha
Well it's better to have a mixture of both in a group isn't it? 
Also, our managers took great care of us as though we were princes/princesses and I cannot be more thankful for them.  

 On the flight back from Kalibo Airport (Boracay), I experienced the worst turbulence of my life.
 It was so bad, the plane actually 'dropped' 3 times and the passengers started screaming at every impact.
Thank god it was still just bad turbulence, part of every plane ride. 
 Good thing I had my sister with me to hold onto when it happened thou she didn't make it any better cos she was even more afraid than I am. 
 What I'm saying is, turbulence is inevitable in every flight no matter what plane/airline you take, you just have to trust the pilot enough .  

So the good news is Tigerair is the only airline that has direct flights from Singapore to Kalibo airport!

 Compared to other airlines, when you travel to Boracay you actually skip 1 plane ride! 
As you know, the journey to the beautiful island is pretty tedious so with this direct flight to Kalibo Airport you get to save time and at the same time reduce the fear of plane rides (for my case of cos) 
Overlooking the endless ocean and fluffy clouds on our smooth journey there~

With the erjie, Lu
Cant believe all along the bloggers thought I'm the older one. 
I know I've emphasized so many times but I'm the younger sis guysssssss!!
Guess it's time I stock up on some anti-aging products haha

After 3.5hours, we arrived at Kalibo airport!
Featuring the Tigerair plane which we travelled on, love how they designed the Philippines font to be so colourful :)

& after another 2hours of land transfer, 20mins of ferry ride and a final 15mins of journey we finally arrived at our home for 3 nights. 

Was already very excited when our managers told us it's ranked #7 of 130 hotels in Boracay and no doubt it's one of the best. 
It simply stood out from the rest of the hotels on Station 2. 
A less than 2 year-old modern contemporary hotel
As you know, Boracay Station 2 is well known for all the happening pubs/restaurants/massage so the location is perfect for us! 
Plus it's just a stone's throw away from D'mall (only shopping mall on the island where you can get practically anything) 

Was told that Station 1 & 3 are for those who are looking for some real quiet vacation, which means there are less people around and it's further from all the actions. 

So presenting our humble stay for 3nights, The Deluxe Room!
We stayed on the second floor which overlooked the swimming pool from our balcony. 
2 queen sized beds which was clean and spacious enough for the 3 of us. 
They are also very well equipped with the amenities! 

Not to mention, their service was exceptional! They helped us with our luggages from the ferry terminal all the way to our respective rooms. 
Despite the large group of 20+, check-in was fast and swift.
John, who was one of the staff there did a full explanation on the room and hotel with all smiles.  

The District is probably the best hotel at Boracay Station 2!

Wore Brighton Trumpet dress in coral, get the last few pieces of size M& L here :) 

Rise and shine day 2! 
Meet our roomie! 
Roseanne is a beauty blogger who is also a certified and professional make-up artist.
Both Lu and I are really happy to be roommates with her because she is such a nice girl! 
Every morning she automatically wakes up at 7am (definitely the earliest) and after she's done she wakes us up. So disciplined even when she's on a vacation! 
And the best part was she gave us plenty of makeup tips throughout our stay, so much love for you Roseanne! 
Check out her youtube videos on this link, ps: love her slang so much!

Pretty glad we did eyelash extensions before the trip cos it looks like I've eye makeup here~

Zomg the fantastic view from the hotel breakfast area!

The spread for breakfast! I'm not a morning person so I don't eat a lot for breakie~

How our hotel looks like in the day.

And off we go for snorkeling and island hopping~

With pretty Jeneen who's all decked in purple, even the rubber band on her braid!

And one with Melody, the sexaaaay lady together with Brad!

The Crocodile Island! 
Initially I was still thinking it's an island filled with crocodiles but so silly it's just an island in the shape of a crocodile! (and I managed to capture it!)

Where everyone except Lu and I snorkeled! 

They were complaining about water being too 
All of a sudden, this little boat came out of nowhere selling his melted ice-creams.  
Imagine how he hard he rowed into the middle of the ocean just to make that few pesos. 
Come to think of it, I kinda regretted not getting any from him but I'm glad the rest of the people on my boat did. 

Arrived at Puka island, a memorable place for lunch under the hut! 
So memorable because we were practically having our meal with tons gigantic houseflies, omg moment.
We had to sway left and right while we eat with the owners there standing behind us getting rid of the flies. 
Cannot imagine how it was like before we came..
Oh well ignorance is definitely bliss.

Back at the hotel where the girls enjoyed their jacuzzi. 
So sporting of them to pose for my shot from my room!

We then washed up and explored the rest of Station 2. 
Wearing Velda romper in alice blue which received a couple of praises from the girls! Heh

Ending my night with a shot of the cutest $10 pony tee I wear to sleep which Sean got for me lol

Day 3; 
I chose to pack Santorini Skirt into my luggage because I knew it's gonna be very appropriate for the windy beach, esp with the 2 slits in front. 

Floppy hats is a must on vacations like this, the bigger the better!  
You don't have to bring one from Sg because they have it everywhere on the beach. 

Since we had time, Roseanne Lu and I decided to check out the highly raved Jonah's milkshake which was recommended by my friend Alvin. Walked for a good 15mins to station 1 and finally found it. Phew.. 

What a happy colourful place ;)

Had banana mango milkshake and yums it was indeed worth the rave!!
Or maybe it's because we were all dehydrated under the merciless sun..

Found this hilarious duck face shot of me posing with the milkshake in my cam! 
Because it was so sunny I totally couldn't see what I was snapping but this is actually how I look throughout the days when I walk on the beach. Hotel towel over my shoulders/head haha

Then it was time for ATV :)
I did ATV in Bintan and Korea but the route we took this time was the best of all!

Stopped over at this beautiful place whereby we need to pay to get to the top for pictures! 

It was all worth it because the view was breathtaking~

L.O.V.E shot I captured was so cool cos Serene's flying hair actually made the letter E possible lol. 

Crazy hair w Jeneen again!

After which, we went for Helmet diving
It's definitely an experience to see the fishes 5metres down the sea though I was totally freaked out by the weight of helmet initially. It was so heavy!!
A pretty mundane vid of us feeding the fishes hah

Wish the water was clearer too..

And we were given a disc to share at the end of the day.
Well I'm still glad I went for it thou, it's the experience that counts :) 
For Helmet diving and Atv we paid 700pesos respectively which you can book from the hotel itself.

This is Roseanne and Audrey on the Parasail!

Really regretted backing out on Parasailing after hearing all the good things about it.

Paid 700pesos but because we wanted to catch the sunset on the beach and was too tired for another activity, we got our money refunded :( 
Seemed like it was a bad move, catching the sunset while parasailing was even more magnificent.
So please don't forget to try Parasailing when you're at Boracay!

And here's what we got from the beach (credits to Serene & Tricia)

After which we had our dinner at CYMA which is prolly the only restaurant I would recommend at Station 2 because I didn't really enjoy the rest of the food we had. They weren't up to my expectation. 
You guys might want to check out Ladyironchef for more good food recommendation.
While we were out doing sea activities, Brad and Melody were still hard at work doing reviews. 
So do wait for it to be up :) 

Day 4; Home sweet home
Good thing about breakfast at our hotel is that they have a 'daily special' which I really like! So on the 3rd morning, we had eggs benny and fruit muesli ;)

Da yumz

My airport outfit! Please don't judge me wearing sneakers on the beach. 
I just prefer wearing comfy foot wear on the plane.
Feat; Rumi Dream Top which I kept in all 3 colours :) 

Meet the fashionable chic Sze and very down-to-earth Joanna :) 

Good looking Hellvan & the very lovable Kife! The 2 male bloggers who were with us from Gc. 

With the rest who were early at the lobby for check-out; 
Lydia the talented actress from Suria, Nicole the sweetest meimei, mad pretty Tricia who has beautiful hair 24/7 and the most awesome manager Freda who w the biggest heart :) 

I'm definitely coming back to stay at The District if I ever return to Boracay. 
Thankyou for being the most obvious choice!!

I love my Gushcloud family!

Ending the travelouge with a shot w drop dead gorgeous Kaykay!

P/s I've already looked for the best rate to travel to Boracay within this few weeks via Tigerair
If you depart on the 5th and be back on the 8th, it's the most affordable ticket :)
It's time for a well deserved getaway to the beautiful beach with your significant other/friends/family!

Also Tigerair is also flying to Yangon now! 
Yangon is a former capital of Burma and the capital of Yangon Region. 
With attractions like their Pagodas and beautiful lakes, it's definitely a great destination to explore 

And the accommodation via The District Boracay is priced at 11,700pesos equivalent to 332.85sgd. 
Might be a little steep per night but I'm sure it's worth every penny! 

Lastly, I wanna say a big big THANKYOU to Gushcloud for making this trip possible. 
Tigerair for being the hassle free airline. 
The District for the wonderful home for 3 nights. 
I heart Boracay!! 

Till then..


  1. Hi, do u wear safety shorts under Brighton Trumpet dress?

    1. Yes babe I usually wear safety shorts when I wear skirts/dresses!

  2. Hi Jolene, may i ask are you using ex2f for all your insta photos? because they are really sharp. also, u transfer the photos from the camera via wifi or from sd to the phone? what app u using to post the photo up too.

    hope u can help. :)

  3. Yes i wifi them from my ex2f if not it's just iphone5!
    I'm using all sorts of different app depending on the photos!

  4. Hi, where do you get your bikinis??

  5. Hi, may i check with u where did u book your atv helmet dive and the parasailing at? It was such a cheap price. I pre booked it before hand and the price quoted is quite exs So was wondering if you can let me know where did u book the activity at. Thks


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