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Last weekend, my girlfriends and I decided to drop by the Public Garden Christmas Market @Triple One Somerset. 
Public Garden is not your ordinary flea where store owners sell their second hand items at real low prices. 
It was more of unique DIY stuff, accessories, cakes and pastries for sale, the best place to shop for X'mas presents!
Rainee was saying it was like one of those weekend markets in Aussie.
So glad we made a trip down :)

Wore Agyness Top with a stripe midi. Love the cutting of it, very flattering sweetheart neckline.
Also look out for a super gorgeous piece coming soon, it's a flare cut midi in solid colours!  

 Air condition and spacious-ness are what I look at before visiting fleas! 
Love flea markets like this, wished there were more of these in Sg. I'm even thinking of going down next week again if time permits heh :) 

Dinner was at Teppei restaurant, after waiting for 3 months finally it's our turn.
Unfortunately Teppei San had something urgent to attend to and wasn't there to prepare our omakase but it was ok nonetheless! 
Glad Sean enjoyed the 18course dinner!


 UNI for all!!

Jr, Brenda & Chong:) 

Mad guilty I ate so much that night.. Was told that the next available slot is already at April 14' omg.
Hopefully Teppei San will be around to prepare our meal during our next visit. 
 Have already blogged about Teppei previously so do check it out if you're keen!


I've always been a fan of anything pretty. So I especially love visiting cafés that has rainbow cakes on their menu. 
Was delighted when I got to know that I Am cafe at Haji Lane not only has rainbow cakes but also rainbow crepes :) 
Immediately went down after having my beach road prawn mee fix! 
Whatiwore; Carven Pleat Top 

Arrived there and saw that almost every table had a slice of their rainbow cake/crepe. 
If I ever open a cafe, the 3 must-haves to include in my menu would definitely be,
1) Rainbow Cake
2) Truffle Fries
3) Churros 
I mean that's what we consumers are looking for every time we dine isn't it? Well at least for me! 
We didn't really enjoy the crepe thou, it tasted kinda strange, tasteless imo. 
The big slice of cake was pretty good, worth my $8.90 haha 


Visited Flock Cafe @ Tiong Bahru last week
Tiong Bahru has become one 'hip' location ever since all these cafes and french bakeries started operating at the rows of shop houses. Kinda wish I live there now so I don't have to travel for good food! 

I'm very glad that my girlfriends and I are of the same frequency whereby we 'worship' our food before eating. Cannot imagine if I'm the only one taking pics and them staring and waiting for me to be done. 

Looks quite like a feast but not really.. 
The food was kinda pricey, additional portobello mushroom for $4.50? 
We didn't really enjoy what we ordered. Cannot deny that the croissants were crispy and delish but other than that really cannot make it. My scrambled eggs were tasteless ttm :( 
Saw my sister's friend there and she said the pancakes and french toast are the best but not sure if I will be back anymore. 

Do we look like our mom?

I think my friends look alike thou lol


On our 90th Monthsary, Sean brought me to Rakuzen located at Tampines Ntuc Income building. 
Since we were catching Ilo Ilo there as well, might as well settle our dinner around! 

Happy 90th Monthsary to the boy who needs to sleep more lol 

First up, Salmon Belly sashimi $8

Sean's favourite tea pot soup

Highlight of the night was this Moeyo Beef Roll $18. 
The waiter simply seared the top of the raw tenderloin with a blowtorch. I think this beef roll wins all the shiok makis I have had previously hands down! 

Another signature of Rakuzen is this Fire Mackerel $16. Tender, juicy saba fish seared to perfection.  
Super addictive, it just left me craving for more.

Remember to order this two when you're there, you have to trust me this once! Haha

Assorted sushi at $25

The bill came up to $100 which I thought was actually very reasonable for the quality of food they serve! 
Kudos to Sean for spotting this gem, quality food at affordable pricing. 
So gonna bring my family here for dinner soon!

Thankyou for everything my love :) 

Whatiwore; Jill-Ann aztec Top with Yvette Corporate Skirt.
Finally a skirt in longer length that many of requested! 

And since it's our 90th monthsary that day, I'm thinking of posting an entry of 20 random facts of Sean and me. 
Sounds kinda fun but that is if anyone is interested! 
Thankyou for dropping by :)

Till then xx


  1. Hi Jolene, your friend, Charlene slims down a lot. Did she do anything to lose weight?

    1. Yes you're sharp! Char lost 10kg after going for ba guan which needs alot of self control!

  2. Hi Jolene, really love the type of hair u and ur friends have. Wanted to know if u all went to Salon Vim to get ur hair done? Cus my hair becomes real flat after multiple times of rebonding )):

    1. Thanks dear:) They dont! You might want to try to go for soft rebonding instead of the normal one in future.
      My sister always tell the person not to rebond too near her scalp so it wont seem so flat!

    2. Thanks for your recommendation! ((:

  3. Thanks for your reply. :) May I know where did she go for ba guan?

    1. Sorry I'm not too sure where either, I only know it's done by a lady called Liping!

  4. Hi Jolene, I have drop you a mail 4 days ago with regards to double eyelid surgery. Hopr you did received my mail! :)

    1. Just replied all my mails!! Let me know if you still haven't receive it :)


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