Paint Me Real;

Every Valentine's Day, I will have a hard time deciding what I should get for Sean. 
For the past years, I got either a wallet/perfume/watch which was rather boring with no sincerity Imo. 
When my readers ask me for opinions on what they should get for their boyfriends, I have nothing really interesting to recommend.  
Until recently, I heard about Paint Me Real. 

Paint Me Real is an international brand that paints high quality oil canvas portraits that is trusted by Global Standards. 

So I submitted this recent photo of Sean and I to get it painted! 
Within 2 weeks I received it and here's what I got :

It turned out better than expected! 
I think the person painted me prettier than in the photo which I especially like haha

Prices starting from USD$80 for couple portraits like mine. 
All along I thought canvas painting was around USD$300-$400?
Where can you get personalized high quality hand painted oil canvas painting portraits for USD$80! 

I really wonder how long they took to get it painted, wish I could witness the process! 
So yep I have passed the painting to Sean and he loves it very much, even wanting to frame it in his room. Yay!

Here are 2 of the couple portriats I really like as well

Other than Couple portraits, Paint Me Real does individual portraits, family portraits, wedding portraits, siblings portraits, best friends portraits, couple portraits, graduation portraits, etc. 

So adorable!! 

Just 3 simple steps to get you started!

1) Upload your image

2) Choose canvas size and add-ons

3) Shipping and billing information 

If you are cracking your head to get a meaningful Valentine's Day gift for your significant other this 2014, look no further! 
They do Worldwide International Shipping. It takes 2 to 4 weeks for the painting(s) to arrive at your doorstep. It is the most creative and romantic personalized gift for your loved ones.

PROMO CODE: ( VdayS10 ) for 10% discount, please order paintings by 30 Jan 2014, to have your paintings sent to your special ones, by Valentine's Day.


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