TIGERAIR; $1,000,000 Draw!

Still can't believe in a few hours time I'll be at one of the best islands in the world!
 Just when I thought I was done with traveling for the year, I received this absolute good news from Gushcloud!
Lu and I alongside with the other bloggers from GC will be on a vacation to Boracay in courtesy of Tigerair!! 

What's even more awesome is that Tigerair is giving the year a grand finish with $1 million worth of flights in their year-end draw! 
100 lucky travelers will walk away with $10,000 worth of flight credits each. 

Every booking you make in 2013 gives you 1 chance in the draw. 
Winner can start using the flight credits from 1st Jan 2014 and also share it with a travel partner.  
Thankyou Gushcloud & Tigerair for this opportunity! 
I promise to be back with more exciting pictures soon :) 

P/s just 3 more weeks till the draw, good luck!!

For more details, visit bit.ly/1milliondraw


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