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Happy 马 Year!!

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! For this 马 year, I've uploaded my first video on youtube on our short getaway to Legoland. Sean put in alot of effort in editing it so you guys have to watch it ya :)  Because it's our first vlog, do let us know how we can improve. P/s: pardon my annoying voice and don't judge!!  With that, enjoy! 
A proper post this weekend!  Till then... Huat ah! 

3D Nano Korean Eyebrow Embroidery with The Prestige

If you noticed a slight change in my looks these few weeks and don't know what I did to my face.. 
Yup! I had Eyebrow Embroidery for the first time 3 weeks back with The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist located at Pacific Plaza #03-08 :)
A little background on the Prestige - 
The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist provides premium quality services in an elegant roman-themed atmosphere located at Pacific Plaza, Level 03-08.  Offering a wide range of services which focus on enhancing facial features in the most natural manner, whereby one's beauty is emphasized and achieved. Their signature treatments include the world renowned 3D Nano Duo Instrument Advanced Colouring Eyebrow Embroidery, Eyelash Extensions, Eyeliner and Lips Enhancement.

When I was younger in my secondary school days, I visited the nearby beauty shop to have my eyebrows trimmed at $5. And guess what, the China lady succeeded in making me look like a complete lian and all with super thin brows. Then during …

Pixioo Photography; Hatter Street Cafe

Before I start, I would like to say a big THANKYOU to Samuel from Pixioo Photography for the beautiful lookbook pictures featuring the prettay Amelia.W :) 
So it was our first time engaging Samuel that day, and we really don't know what to expect from a male photographer shooting our apparels, but what we do know is that he does an amazing job shooting for couple/weddings! See for yourself here
& very unfortunately towards the end of our shoot that day, Samuel's bag got stolen.  Just because he left it unattended on the floor for less than 5min.  Totally reminded me of that time when I left my phone in the toilet, but this time it's the entire bag! It's sad how dishonest and greedy some people can be. 
We all didn't have the mood to continue shooting but Samuel insisted we finish up the last outfit.  He was very positive and said, 'nevermind la, maybe god wants me to buy new stuff' in all smiles when we knew he was feeling very upset. His lens wallet i…

Keep love in your heart

Counting down 2 more weeks till the Lunar New Year. I am seriously having some love/hate relationship with January.
It's a Friday night, I should be doing my usual pre-weekend routine. To have a good dinner and catch a movie with Sean but tonight I am way too lethargic to do so.
Here I am, at home clearing more work and being responsible to my blog.
I might just sleep through my movie you see..

Recalling last weekend, we went back to the office at 730am (with only 2hours of sleep) to prepare for our second CNY shoot, and at 11pm we were back there wrapping up all the loose ends for the new launch the next day.
Call us workaholics.

But don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining.
It's definitely good to be busy, but I just wish we can manage our time better.
Cos we really shouldn't be messing with our health by giving up sleeping time for work.
Well well.. 3 more collections to CNY.
We can do this!!

To St Regis a few days back for Alan & Serene's big day ;)  It…