First of 2014

2013 went by too fast. 
Before I knew it, we're already into the second week of 2014.
For the new year, I want to be a better person in every aspect. 
Be contented. 
Make the best out of what I have and enjoy the little things in life.
Like what I mentioned in a few posts back, 'Life only comes around once, so do whatever makes you happy, and be with whoever makes you smile'.
Pictures from the warehouse sale 2 weeks back.
As promised, we offered a bigger and better space compared to the one we had earlier in 2013. 
We brought the entire sale to the empty space beside our office that was twice the size of the last sale! (which allowed us to clear up the queue pretty quickly :) ) 
& this time round, we prepared a desserts table for our customers to enjoy some sweet treats after shopping with us :)
Am truly thankful for this bunch of ladies who took time off their precious Sunday and worked hard with us! 
So blessed*

And our lovely customers, Xueqi and friends who came 3 hours earlier prior to the sale just to lend us their support! 

Yay to happy shoppers :) 

The girl behind the entire desserts table is none other than Chomel Yang. 
Omg she is so young and freaking talented.
Those who have tried her cakes at the warehouse sale last week would definitely agree with me how yummy they were!  
I am embarrassed to say that all I can bake is brownies from the Betty Crocker pre-made cake mix? 
Oh well.. 

Chomel's menu has a wide range of desserts to choose from and yay she's offering 10% for Ohvola customers for the month of Jan :)
She will be leaving for UK in March to pursue her dream in culinary so if you are keen to engage her for any events, do act fast!

For now, Chomel is doing bake sale for CNY goodies, you might want to check it out here!
Free delivery for orders <$100


And the gorgeous backdrop that you see here is painstakingly put up by the WULALA team! 
Love how they played with colours and textures, just exactly how we wanted it to be. 
It's so detailed and pretty we wish we didn't have to remove them..
With Lalu, the babe behind!
The items they have in store are really unique and cute, I'm so getting the cupcake beanie :) 
They are doing styling setups for events like weddings, birthdays, photo shoots as well.
Do check out their site, just by looking at it makes me happy!

A big THANKYOU to all our customers who dropped by that day! 
Thankyou for believing in us again despite having you girls to queue 2-3hrs to get in the other time.
With that, we look forward to planning a bigger scale warehouse sale for the new year! 
P/s: Also thankq (Patricia Esther Cai Er Jivian Singling) for the little gifts and xmas cards :')


Some #OOTDs to share~
Claudia Printed Dress in Tangerine, gotta love the quirky print in contrasting colours. 
& the unique peek-a-boo details yet not too revealing, best part is normal strapless bra can be worn! 

 Unplanned matchy outfits with Sean. 
The shirt on him is now available on Access-ed btw :) 

Haven't wore a peplum top for the longest time and this pretty Drea Embossed Top stole my heart with its unique scalloped hem and pretty floral embossed.

On the very first day of 2014, we visited L'etoile cafe.

The ambience is great, especially for a big group like ours. 
Just sipping coffee on a laid back PH under the big umbrellas.

Unfortunately their breakfast was really awful.. 
I feel very sad to say it but this is one of the worst brunch place to visit yet. 
I don't know if it's because of the PH that day or that the main chef is not around but the food they serve is seriously not up to standard :( 

 At least this 3D latte was pretty decent, not too bad! 

01/01 ootd; heart this dress to bits! 
If you know me, you'd know I prefer wearing loose fitted clothes over bodycon pieces.
This Marni Shift dress is perfect for me, not too casual yet at the maximum level of comfiness! 
Not to mention, the fabric used is also a + point! 

 Wore Noveau Eyelet Top & En Rosette Skirt today. 

Another combination as seen on our gorg model Amelia! I love her smile~
(she's 172cm, uk8 and wears size M) 

 Also.. In the very stretchy Herve Knit Dress which my eldest sister thinks I should keep for CNY! 
So yup this shall be one of the dresses I wear for Cny :) 

Amelia definitely wore it better :) 

Alrighty pardon the abrupt end, needa catch some sleep now! 
Shall see you all at the launch @ 2pm~
Till then..


  1. Hi Jolene!! :)

    You're welcome! Hehe that's really nice of you to mention my name on your blog!! :)
    Really enjoyed shopping at the warehouse sale once again ;)
    Thank you & Lu so much!!
    Looking forward to more amazing apparels from Ohvola!!

    Gd night!

    1. You're most welcome Cai E <3 <3
      Thanks so much for your support!


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