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Counting down 2 more weeks till the Lunar New Year.
I am seriously having some love/hate relationship with January.
It's a Friday night, I should be doing my usual pre-weekend routine. To have a good dinner and catch a movie with Sean but tonight I am way too lethargic to do so.
Here I am, at home clearing more work and being responsible to my blog.
I might just sleep through my movie you see..

Recalling last weekend, we went back to the office at 730am (with only 2hours of sleep) to prepare for our second CNY shoot, and at 11pm we were back there wrapping up all the loose ends for the new launch the next day.
Call us workaholics.

But don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining.
It's definitely good to be busy, but I just wish we can manage our time better.
Cos we really shouldn't be messing with our health by giving up sleeping time for work.
Well well.. 3 more collections to CNY.
We can do this!!

To St Regis a few days back for Alan & Serene's big day ;) 
It's a pity I didn't get any pictures with the them that night. 
Shall make do with my fav wedding shoot of them I snapped at the reception table. 
I love Serene's rosette pom pom dress, it's mad gorgeous!!
Happy marriage to this lovely full-of-smiles couple!
Stay blissful Serene :))

Unlike the usual wedding dinners, for every dish we got a plate to ourselves! So atas! 

Ree is indeed the queen of photobomb lol

And the boys just had to do this.. Why are my friends all so hilarious!

& my boyfriend looking all suave that night heh <3

What I wore; Devonne Maxi which I thought was perfect for dinner & wedding events. 
Gotta love the exquisite embellishments and a slit right in front! 
(wine is sold out on site, only black available) 

I love attending weddings. It's a beautiful night whereby I will get really touched and all teary-eyed when the couple gives their speech and walk down the aisle hand in hand :') 
One more to go on the 26th later this month, can't wait!


 I have been waiting for this Jacques midi to arrive for the longest time and when it did, I wore it out immediately :D
Love the quality material we handpicked and also how the heavy pleats folds so nicely!

Wore this happy-looking number out for our shoot last Sunday! 
Genevre Lace Frock; unique lace insert with geometric floral-like print :) 

And my best friend rocking the stylenanda sunnies with the gold skull umbrella I got her for Xmas!
Sorry for depriving you of your Sunday sleep to come for the shoot w us :p

Another studio shoot to go tomorrow! 
Till then.. 




    1. Dennis, Im not too sure if brenda reads my blog y'know! Hahha


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