Pixioo Photography; Hatter Street Cafe

Before I start, I would like to say a big THANKYOU to Samuel from Pixioo Photography for the beautiful lookbook pictures featuring the prettay Amelia.W :) 

So it was our first time engaging Samuel that day, and we really don't know what to expect from a male photographer shooting our apparels, but what we do know is that he does an amazing job shooting for couple/weddings! See for yourself here

& very unfortunately towards the end of our shoot that day, Samuel's bag got stolen. 
Just because he left it unattended on the floor for less than 5min. 
Totally reminded me of that time when I left my phone in the toilet, but this time it's the entire bag!
It's sad how dishonest and greedy some people can be. 

We all didn't have the mood to continue shooting but Samuel insisted we finish up the last outfit. 
He was very positive and said, 'nevermind la, maybe god wants me to buy new stuff' in all smiles when we knew he was feeling very upset. His lens wallet ipad were all gone in minutes.  

It was indeed professional of Samuel. I cannot imagine what would happen if it's any other photographer. 
Do support Samuel by liking his Fb page alright?  

He's not only passionate about his job, he's also very efficient in fulfilling our requests :) 
 Looking forward to the next shoot with Pixioo! 

 Amelia is an Uk8 176cm and wears size M for our apparels!
Except for this Petite Dior Embossed Frock, Amelia wears size L and I wear size M!


D'arcy oversized vest, a Zara inspired design
The cut and material used is really awesome, no wonder my girlfriends are getting it in both electric blue and white! 
Comes in only 1 size, fits all. 

Already wore the sample piece out last month during the GC blue Xmas dinner! 
With Kife, Naomi and Berlin :) 


Visited this new found gem in the neighborhood on Saturday. 
Hatter Street Cafe located just a few units beside the famous thai stall Nakhon Kitchen in Kovan. 

The name Hatter tells it all. 
It's an Alice in wonderland inspired cafe with interior all designed to look like it! 

 Saw these cutest Hawthorn(san zha) macarons on their Fb page and decided to drop by for it! 
It's for sale at $2/pc, lovingly made by the talented young boss of Hatter Street. 

Their 'woah'ffles with vanilla ice-cream and gula melaka tasted exceptionally good!

Mona lisa mommy so pretty :D 

 My hot chocolate with marshmallow, dayumz! 

Passionfruit tart & grandma's cake were not too bad either! 
I quite like everything we ordered that day. 
But! Be prepared for the bill..
I wasn't expecting to pay 'town's' price in the neighborhood. It was kinda pricey considering its location, in my opinion.

Casual weekend outfit, haven't wore pants out for the longest time! 
 Trinette Pants is one comfy pants you might want to consider for your dress down days. 
Matched with Adelle Eyelet top daffodil in light-weight chiffon, scalloped hem x eyelet cut 


 Today's ootd featuring Janon Tweed Skirt, i love to bits! 
Paired it with a basic white top and chunky neckline from my big sister's wardrobe.

Another design inspired by Zara! 


 Thankful for my erjie who always have my back:)
On me; Maryl Textured Dress
On Lu; Joia Applique Top + Jacques Midi 

Cutting runs slightly smaller for this design, so if you are slightly bigger than me do take size M!
I'm wearing size S in this pic and it fits me with no allowance. 


And lastly my favourite item of the collection, or rather my favorite piece under our label till date! 
The Val Opulence Dress <3 p="">
Fyi, I wore a regular strapless bra in it. 
A strapless bra can do the job for this dress but nubra would be perfect. 

With that, I'll see you at the launch at 2pm! 
Till then.. 


  1. Please manufacture a longer length for all future dresses! The length are too sure short. Often have to wear as a tunic :(

    1. Yes feedback noted babe! What length would you like to see our items in btw? :)

  2. Hi Jolene! Is the V part for the Val Opulence Dress very low? Thanks!

    1. Hello there! It's meant to be a pretty low but still fine for my case! Like those can see cannot see kinda sexy? Hahaha if you know what I mean...

  3. Hi Jolene! Will there be any more CNY collections coming up? :)

    1. Yes we have 2 more to go after today's collection!
      We have a real pretty modern cheongsam coming up :)

  4. Hi!! Yes I agree with manufacturing skirts to a longer length, preferably 34 inches and above to suit taller girls! To name a few: MARNI SHIFT DRESS, GENEVRE LACE FROCK etc.

  5. oh no, wanted to feedback for dress with shorter length! love the roux oriental dress but it's a 33 inch which is a tad too long for petite aka short girl :(


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