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The DRx Medispa; Tricho Hair Treatment

I've always wanted thick and shiny hair like Megan fox, who doesn't right....
A healthy head of hair compliments everything, your outfit & makeup looks better and you have that extra bit of confidence when the wind blows through your hair.
Check out her luscious locks!
But I can't achieve that because I have really thin & flat hair, so imagine my excitement when I made my appointment at The DRx Medispa!

When I arrived, we started off the consultation with an analysis, using a really high tech device that zooms in on my scalp condition and I could see every single strand of my hair!  Here's my certified trichologist Peggy giving me an up close and personal session with my scalp.  Can't really see from the pic but Peggy's hair is crazy thick, so envious! I was very embarrassed when I saw my oily scalp on the monitor because I didn't wash my hair that morning.  I usually wash it on alternate days but Peggy told me I should be washing my hair on a dail…

Saint Pierre @ Quayside Isle

Helloooooooo :)
This post has been in my drafts since last week but I was just too lazy to get the entry completed. Wish I can be a little more disciplined sometimes..
So on Vday, Sean brought me to somewhere away from the hustle and bustle.. Initially we got a stranger to help us with a shot but we turned out looking like midgets so we had to resort to self timer.
Doesn't look too bad right!
The Claude Embellished dress which my Monsterz all got a piece each!  We were saying to all wear it to Lkf during our Hk trip next month lol
Arrived at Saint Pierre!  Had a hard time locating the place cos it was situated at some corner facing W hotel.  They had 2 dinner seatings and we chose the earlier slot, 530-830pm~ 

A polaroid shot for keepsake by the very sweet people at Saint Pierre:)
 Dont know if it was Vday or what but for the first time Sean praised my makeup skills!!
While waiting for the courses, Sean handed me the semi-handmade card!  His handmade stuff never fails to make …

Double Date!