The DRx Medispa; Tricho Hair Treatment

I've always wanted thick and shiny hair like Megan fox, who doesn't right....
A healthy head of hair compliments everything, your outfit & makeup looks better and you have that extra bit of confidence when the wind blows through your hair.
Check out her luscious locks!
But I can't achieve that because I have really thin & flat hair, so imagine my excitement when I made my appointment at The DRx Medispa!

When I arrived, we started off the consultation with an analysis, using a really high tech device that zooms in on my scalp condition and I could see every single strand of my hair! 
Here's my certified trichologist Peggy giving me an up close and personal session with my scalp. 
Can't really see from the pic but Peggy's hair is crazy thick, so envious!
I was very embarrassed when I saw my oily scalp on the monitor because I didn't wash my hair that morning. 
I usually wash it on alternate days but Peggy told me I should be washing my hair on a daily basis, if not follicle clogging would occur and that would cause hair fall problems *gulps*
Need to stop being lazy!

Healthy hair comes from healthy scalp, 
but I dye my hair so often that my scalp became really weak and turned flaky which led to occasional dandruff on my scalp. 
Hence other than doing treatment for the hair, we can actually improve the health of our scalp with DRx Purifying Treatment. 

The Purifying treatment is a deep cleansing treatment that cleanses and purifies the scalp. 
The therapist began by rubbing some nourishing serum to my scalp before a steaming session to open up the clogged pores.

Steaming some custard buns in my steaming cap, I kid.

I never knew of it but a healthy scalp requires treatment like this once a while to get rid of dead skin cells.
Washing of hair daily at home with shampoo is not good enough!
No matter how many hours you spend in the bathroom, there will still be disgusting oil plugs blocking your hair follicles which will prevent growth of new healthy hair.

Thank god for this treatment! No wonder my hair is not growing out well..

Moving on to the next step; Hair Loss Prevention Protocol!
I call this the evil needle-roller, with rows and rows of tiny needles. 

It's used to massage and roll all over the scalp to help absorb the serum and helps hair loss. 
Considering my threshold for pain being very low, it was pretty painful for me, but it was fine for Lu who was going through the same process right beside me.
It hurt more at the front part of my head especially at my fringe area that had lesser hair, and became slightly more tolerable when it moved to the the back of my head cos there is more hair.

I was told that the more you roll this on the head, the more your scalp will open up and absorb all the serum!

Lastly, it's the Laser hair & scalp therapy!
Using laser treatment to effectively stimulate hair growth, I can't wait already! 
Thought I'd feel some heat given it's a laser treatment, the word laser sounds scary somehow, but there was no discomfort through this last step of treatment at all!

Grow hair grow!
While I was still on the laser treatment the therapist helped to curl and set my hair using an ionic brush curler from Korea.
*so pampered*

 I can has pretty curls after a pampering treatment session.
Looks like I just got my hair cut/dyed but it's actually the work of DRx!
They want every customer to walk out of the Medispa looking all satisfied with nice hair :)  

Now for the results... I find it rather disturbing but here goes..
From the analysis with Peggy earlier~
Top 2 pictures are the hair follicles at front of my head, it shows how sparse my hair is at my fringe area.
The white strands are actually not white hair, just very weak hair which will break very easily. 
Try running your fingers through your hair, the few strands you find in your fingers, those are the white ones in the pic above!
If I don't take care of my scalp, my hairline will definitely continue to recede like crazy until I look like I have a really high forehead.  

The bottom left pic shows the dead skin and how clogged my pores are before the treatment. 
Like what I mentioned earlier, clogged pores obstruct new hair from growing and washing might not be as effective as the purifying treatment.
Here's my scalp on the bottom right pic looking less oily, the dead skin are all cleaned up and the pores don't look as clogged.
 I NEED to keep my scalp clean like this!

I have slight balding spots around my fringe area at the top part of my head, and it was rather depressing looking at this but Peggy showed me a couple of DRx's other customers that had worse conditions but improved so much after months of treatment here. 
Feeling optimistic now knowing I can be saved! :D

Brought home 3 Nanogen products with me to better condition my hair: Hair Prepare Deep Cleansing Shampoo, Follicle Defense Active Treatment Mask & Serum VEGF Plant Derived (Growth Factor Solution)
Already started using it and really cannot wait for all these products to work their magic on my scalp! 
Oh yes before I forget, do you know that shampoo is only for the scalp and not the hair? 
Also, hair mask is not supposed to get in contact with the scalp, application is just only on the hair.
Well you are not alone, I just found out about it as well during my hair analysis with Peggy! 

If your brother/boyfriend/father/uncle is having serious receding hairline or hair falling issues, it's time for you to bring them to visit The DRx Medispa. 
Go for consultation with the trichologist, they will know what is best for you and salvage your scalp in the shortest time. 
Despite the majority belief that only middle aged men faces hair loss/balding problem, women and young adults do too. 
So start caring for your hair early, don't get down to treatment only when it hits. 
More hair, more confidence!

Here comes the best part of this blogpost, promotion for my readers yay! 
For DRx purifying treatment @$188, quote my name to enjoy it at only $38, together with a free consultation. 

The DRx Medispa
Tong Building 
302 Orchard Road, #14-02 Singapore 238862
Tel : (65) – 6223 1555
Mon to Sat : 10am to 8pm | Sun : 10am to 6pm
Closed on PH

Till then..


  1. Thanks for sharing this! :) May I know if appointment is required for this treatment?

    1. Yes it'd be safer if you make an appointment with them :)
      You're welcome!

  2. Hi Jolene! Could i check how are the products working out for you?

  3. Mumbau is low and affordable in rate to provide safe hair replacement treatment. Many celebrities are getting this treatment at cheap prizes.

  4. Skin Plus Clinic is the one of the leading clinics for hair fall treatment gurgaon. For the best women hair transplantation in Delhi.


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