Saint Pierre @ Quayside Isle

Helloooooooo :)

This post has been in my drafts since last week but I was just too lazy to get the entry completed.
Wish I can be a little more disciplined sometimes..

So on Vday, Sean brought me to somewhere away from the hustle and bustle..
Initially we got a stranger to help us with a shot but we turned out looking like midgets so we had to resort to self timer.
Doesn't look too bad right!

The Claude Embellished dress which my Monsterz all got a piece each! 
We were saying to all wear it to Lkf during our Hk trip next month lol

Arrived at Saint Pierre! 
Had a hard time locating the place cos it was situated at some corner facing W hotel. 
They had 2 dinner seatings and we chose the earlier slot, 530-830pm~ 

A polaroid shot for keepsake by the very sweet people at Saint Pierre:)

 Dont know if it was Vday or what but for the first time Sean praised my makeup skills!!

While waiting for the courses, Sean handed me the semi-handmade card! 
His handmade stuff never fails to make me feel exceptionally loved. 

Appetizer; prawn tartare, creme fraicho, ikura, marinated scallop, sashimi, oscietra caviar, lobster jelly
 I really enjoyed this, or rather I loved every course~
I could tell that the chef put his heart and soul into preparing the menu because every combination was so out of the world!!
Saw someone tagging the chef on Ig saying that he's her idol.
Guess the chef must be someone famous huh..

Starters; foie gras au torchon, poached organic chicken, orange zest, pistachio crust, lobster ice-cream

Highlight of the night was the mains! 
;miso braised wagyu beef short rib, japanese coal grilled lobster tail, asparagus, parmesan, truffle mashed rafle potato, wild mushroom
Omg it's such a bad idea to blog at this hour.. 

Dessert was a very unique vanilla Crème Brûlée in strawberry sauce which I was a tad disappointed.  Prolly because of the standard they set from the first few courses?
Nonetheless, spot the L O V E made from watermelon!

Sat along the quay after the dinner which totally reminded us of secondary school days when we used to sit by the clark quay river. Reminiscing at its best.
Really appreciate simple and quiet nights like this.
Thankyou for everything xb!
(thou the 'rainbow' bouquet you chose looked a little funny)

I love Saint Pierre so much I wish I could just visit it on a weekly basis without burning a hole in our pockets.
Even though we couldn't understand what the good looking french waiter was telling us half the time, innovative french cuisine definitely wins my heart.


And 2 days later.. We went back to Saint Pierre for their weekend brunch! 
Because the restaurant is situated on the second level, the tall glass windows oversees the quay and yacht. 
A pity I didn't capture it but you can somehow visualize from this picture la yes?  
 The prices was surprising affordable and much more reasonable compared to what we paid for on Vday! 

 Meet my new friend Cynthia (my dad's friend's daughter) from Taiwan, a fresh grad from LA and on a short vacation to Sg. 
Mad envy her carefree wanderlust life.. 
Whenever my dad has guests from overseas, Lu and I automatically become tour guides for a day. 

In the past, I'm a hardcore fan of anything cake and sweets but right now I would definitely go for assorted breads like this!

When the mains came, I was like what the heck.. 
The portions are ridiculously small, now I get why their brunch is so affordable! 
Scrambled eggs smoked salmon $22

 Sean's eggs florentine smoked salmon $22

My waffles chantilly $16, prolly the best waffles I have had in a long time.. 
The crispiness was still there even thou I took a while to eat it.
Organic honey's sweetness was just right with the mix berries on top! Yum tumz

While Lu loved her foie gras waffles $18 so much~

Then we requested for truffle fries because I was craving for it.
What's brunch without a good plate of truffle fries isnt it?
It wasn't on their menu so kudos to the chef who was still willing to prepare it from scratch! 
A little pricey for these few pieces to be priced at $18 but it was black truffle instead of truffle oil you see.. 

Hope to visit more cafes here soon! 

Grab the last few piece of Rumi dream top black available on site :) 

Lookout for our new launch on Tuesday as we introduce you a series of Japanese fabric items. 
& stay tuned for a hair care post coming up next.
Till then..


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