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Of outfits &updates!

Just a short update because my weekends are now exceptionally precious ever since Sean started his full time job!  We hardly meet on weekdays anymore, at most only for a quick dinner cos he gets so lethargic after work and needs to sleep by 11pm everyday? lol Oh well not saying that it's a bad thing, but this definitely needs some getting used to.   Meet my boy, Taylor who looks so good after his monthly grooming :D We used to go to the one near our place but decided to try out a different groomer this time round.  The new one is 30mins drive from our home and $30 more expensive but the way they handled Taylor is much professional. Now the dilemma, cheap+near OR expensive+far?
Colour coordinated with Taylor when I brought him to be groomed that day. In the upcoming Lange Playsuit white matched with an older knit piece from Ohvola some time back. This is also the piece I wore to Legoland in January! 2 lengths to adjust to, so no worries about the rise :) 
TGIF in Anais Career dress; ladies lo…

Amore Fitness; The Amore Holistic Package

It's been a good 3 months with Amore Fitness!  I've always wanted a gym membership ever since I could no longer feel my waist, and it's annoying how I just can't seem to get rid of the unsightly tummy fat despite doing sit-ups and crunches. 
The problem is that I binge and snack way too much, I eat even when I'm not hungry.  I had to resort to brushing my teeth when I'm home to curb the urge to eat sometimes lol
Good thing is I'm pretty determined when it comes to exercising. I used to borrow my sister's yoga mat to do simple abs workout at home and go jogging in the evening on weekends but nowadays it's just so humid I don't even feel like taking a walk in the park. 
Some time back, my girlfriends recommended me to try a trial week at gym X.  While we were working out, I could feel eyes looking at us constantly and it was pretty awkward since majority of the members there were boys.  I don't know how some can handle it but I just didn't like it…

March-ing Updates

The recent weekend was spent at Suntec convention hall for Ohvola's popup store with ST Classifieds!  It was really nice to see our shoppers again. Always such joy to meet them whenever we hold an offline event, bringing together people who share the same love for fashion. Hope we didn't disappoint! The best friend who will be at every single one of our events rain or shine~

Thankyou so much for coming all the way down to lend your support, I had fun shopping together with you ladies!  Looking forward to the next :) 

 Day1's ootd with the sister~
 Fauna Embroidery Top in white; as usual my camera couldnt capture the pretty embroidered details on the top but you can see it from the nude piece on Ohvola's Fb preview.  Cropped tops are just so apt for the insanely humid weather nowadays! 

Day 2 of the event was something more quirky. In Gislyne dress maroon made of very stretchy material. Mad love the prints!

 Berdine Eyelet top inspired from a Topshop eyelet playsuit.  …