Amore Fitness; The Amore Holistic Package

It's been a good 3 months with Amore Fitness! 
I've always wanted a gym membership ever since I could no longer feel my waist, and it's annoying how I just can't seem to get rid of the unsightly tummy fat despite doing sit-ups and crunches. 

The problem is that I binge and snack way too much, I eat even when I'm not hungry.
 I had to resort to brushing my teeth when I'm home to curb the urge to eat sometimes lol

Good thing is I'm pretty determined when it comes to exercising.
I used to borrow my sister's yoga mat to do simple abs workout at home and go jogging in the evening on weekends but nowadays it's just so humid I don't even feel like taking a walk in the park. 

Some time back, my girlfriends recommended me to try a trial week at gym X. 
While we were working out, I could feel eyes looking at us constantly and it was pretty awkward since majority of the members there were boys. 
I don't know how some can handle it but I just didn't like it.

Then I heard about Amore Fitness being the only gym in Singapore to have a ladies exclusive gym.  
And I knew I had to join. 

Amore is a way of life. I am amore. I am more.
Amore Fitness is Singapore's leading fitness and spa service provider committed to promoting and encouraging members of the public to attain a healthier lifestyle through a holistic approach to fitness and well-being.

Amore has 16 fitness and spa clubs strategically located island-wide, with over 500 fitness classes to choose from every week complemented with a wide array of spa, facial and body treatments!

Imagine my excitement when my manager Sheena contacted me for this sponsorship! 
I immediately agreed to it. 

They have both Ladies Exclusive and Unisex outlets. The unisex ones can be found at Tampines 1 and at City Square Mall!
My favourite part of visiting Amore is going for the various classes. 

Amore Fitness Classes consists of:
  • Amore Signature Blitz classes
  • Cardiovascular and toning classes
  • Dance classes
  • Body.Mind.Soul classes
  • Introductory classes

I have never been to any of the blitz and dance classes yet cos I cannot dance for nuts so the cardio and toning ones were more appealing to me. 

My favourite would definitely be kickboxing

Initially when I started my first few classes of kickboxing, my body ended up aching like crazy the next day. But as time went by it got better, practice really makes perfect!

I always feel really accomplished after the 1hr high-intensity workout :) 

Another class I enjoy attending is powerpump, it's another highly intensive but slow-paced workout that requires bar bells/plates/dumbbells. 

Not to worry about gaining huge muscles from carrying weights, you can go for the lightest ones like what we usually do. Powerpump is best for both fat-burning and muscle toning. 
Ocassionally when I feel like having a good stretch, I'll go for yoga. It improves flexibility, promotes relaxation, encourages concentration and calms the mind to release stress. 

It would work even better if you could grab a gym buddy to encourage you to work out together. 
So thankful for my gym kakis, Brenda and Melody :) 

A look into Amore @ City Square! 

I love how City Square's outlet is so huge.. Check out the rows of equipments!
Because of my flexible working hours, I get to hit the gym in the noon since it's much more empty compared to nighttime.
However it's only in the night when all my favourite classes commence. 
(pardon my messed up sweaty face)  
The weights area which is usually most packed with the big boys at other gyms, but not so much for Amore.
Even though City Square is open to all, the ratio of ladies to guys is like 2:1
I will prolly write about the few equipments I usually go for in the next entry? :)

 Check out the spacious well-equipped ladies!  

  All recharged after a good workout!
Shall make time to use the steam room on my next visit. 

 Oh yes Amore is sporting a new look! 
As you know Amore's services include gym, group classes, spa, personal training etc and right now there is a new Amore Holistic Package, which allows you to choose from anything under Amore's offering. 
This means that you get to personalize your very own package according to your preference. 

Amore is the first of its kind to launch such a lifestyle.
You can first work out in the gym and then proceed to enjoy spa treatments right after, that's how convenient it is! J Also, I think that one of the best parts of the Holistic Package is that it’s bespoke, where I can customize it with anything they have. It is also super flexible for me to choose the classes that I love and the flexibility that it offers; if I can’t use my package next month I can choose to utilize it this month. What not to love for the busy and fast-paced society we live in today!

What's more, you will also be entitled to larger birthday discounts and promos. 
Experience an all-rounded holistic experience with Amore Fitness and Boutique Spa!

That's indeed the best of both worlds :)

Trial promotion is also available for those who want see how it works. 

2 Choices At $69 (A + B /C) 
3 Choices At $89 (A + B + C)

A) 4 Entries (utilised in 2 weeks, worth $90) 
Access to state of the art gym; fitness classes at all Amore outlets. 
B) Botaroma Swedish Massage (45mins, worth $94.16) 
Soothe all aches; achieve ultimate relaxation with a therapeutic blend of Geranium, Sweet Orange & Lavender. 
C) Purity Facial (75mins, worth $90.95) 
A clinically proven purifying facial that revives the complexion. For oily, dehydrated or sensitive skin.
Terms & conditions apply. For new customers only. Valid till 30 April 2014. Reservations required.

Now's the time to take this opportunity and find out what Amore Fitness has to offer!

The Amore Holistic Package. Feeling Good Should Be This Easy :) 
For more details check out : or call 6781 1822


  1. I really loved this gym. Thanks for sharing with us great blog.
    Kickboxing in Delhi

  2. how much does the membership for 1 year cost? and if I'm a membership, do I allowed to use all the equipments/facilities for free? thanks.


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