Of outfits &updates!

Just a short update because my weekends are now exceptionally precious ever since Sean started his full time job! 
We hardly meet on weekdays anymore, at most only for a quick dinner cos he gets so lethargic after work and needs to sleep by 11pm everyday? lol
Oh well not saying that it's a bad thing, but this definitely needs some getting used to. 
 Meet my boy, Taylor who looks so good after his monthly grooming :D
We used to go to the one near our place but decided to try out a different groomer this time round. 
The new one is 30mins drive from our home and $30 more expensive but the way they handled Taylor is much professional.
Now the dilemma, cheap+near OR expensive+far?

Colour coordinated with Taylor when I brought him to be groomed that day.
In the upcoming Lange Playsuit white matched with an older knit piece from Ohvola some time back.
This is also the piece I wore to Legoland in January!
2 lengths to adjust to, so no worries about the rise :) 

TGIF in Anais Career dress; ladies looking for a corporate dress with a suitable length, this is it! 
(33" for size S and 34" for size M)
And for the more petite girls, simply clasp it with a belt to desired length like the pic above. 
Love the monochrome paint-stroke print to bits! 

Last weekend to Lu's birthday dinner with the groupie! 
In Aubrie Dress crimson already launched on site :)  

 4/5 of Monsterz without Ree the late comer! 

 The highlights at Etna Italian Restauran~
For starters to share, Lu pre-ordered this plate of goodness, Burrata. 
I'm not too sure of the price but it's really worth ordering! 
Fresh mozzarella cheese served with premium San Daniele Parma Ham.
 It's crazy good for cheese fanatics like me. 

 For seafood lovers, you have to try this! 
Merluzzo alla Griglia $39, basically it's just cod fish fillet served on some yummy fruits. 
Taste so good it just melts in your mouth... 

This Tagliata di Manzo $48 is too big a portion for one. 
The 300g US rib eye served with sauteed mushrooms and roasted potatoes was one popular pick among the boys. I loved the potatoes, salty enough for me heh :) 

With the XPYs :) 
A shoutout to Kreme Couture for the prettiest cupcake bouquet which my sister absolutely love! 
This bouquet definitely stole the limelight that night. 
It looked so much like real flowers, the friends didn't believe that it could be eaten. 
The boys were saying this bouquet is much more practical than a real bouquet of flowers cos at least this could be eaten! Haha really nicely done, Kreme Couture!
Surprise your girlfriends with a bouquet by ordering it here :) 

And today my Saturday casual wear; Chantilly summer top + Jill crochet shorts both launching on Monday 2pm. Mad love for the crochet details of these 2 designs.
Oh yes, I'm wearing size M for the shorts today cos I preferred it to be slightly looser than the size S I wore in the photoshoot. 
Also, the rest of the measurements are already up on our Fb preview!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend y'all :) 

Off to watch Frozen online!! Till then...


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