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Sensual Nails Spa;

Meet my new set of nails by Sensual Nails Spa :)   It's Galaxy X Unicorn X Studs for the month.  Been wanting to have them beautiful galaxy on my nails for the longest time..   So glad I got it done and Peiwen one of the best medicurists there did exactly what I wanted.  A fully hand-drawn unicorn which looked so much like stickers because it's so perfectly drawn!  Don't you think they really look like the beautiful galaxy?  The different layers of colours + glitters just to create the stars and pixie dust effect.  It's really so nicely done, my ultimate favourite set so far! 
The girls at Sensual Nails take their work very seriously, they will give you ideas and suggest till you are satisfied with the design before starting. You can trust them on that :)  One of the many boards they have for you to refer if you do not have any specific design in mind.   Spot the feather design on colourful base, I'm so eyeing on that~ 

And my 3D knit x cable nails I did last mont…

L’Oreal True Match

In one of my recent entries, I mentioned about how going on work trips often screwed up my complexion.  Each time, my skin takes a month or so to clear up and return to its usual state. The worst part is that my itchy fingers just can't leave my face alone..
During the 'recovery' period, I tend to search for good makeup base/foundation to get the blemishes all covered up. Lucky me this time, I was introduced L’Oreal True Match. 
L’Oreal True Match is a revamp of the brand's best-selling foundation back in 2006.  Right now, this new improved version of True Match has colour-matching abilities thanks to L’Oreal's Opti-match technology, which is based on an in-depth analysis of Asian women's skin. 
Discovering a perfect foundation for your skin is like finding your one true match in life! By knowing your flaws and bringing out the best in you By boosting your confidence and gets you ready to take on the day

Meet le teint TRUE MATCH; the super blendable liquid foundation w…


Hello I'm back! 1 word to sum up the 4d3n work trip, SHAG.  Good thing it was made slightly more enjoyable because my eldest sister came along and somehow it became a #zhousisters bonding vacation.  The most rewarding part of the trip would definitely be fabric shopping cos we managed to source for really unique printed swatches.  The designs are in midst of manufacturing now and should prolly reach us in May?  keeping fingers crossed* 
Just a couple of outfits that I wore to share! Wearing the Carrie chain cardigan in cobalt blue; We decided to manufacture this design in 6 colours since it's so wearable and chic at the same time.  Comes only in 1 size as it's made of knit hence pretty stretchable :) 
 Day 2 in the comfy Stardust maxi which our model Symone brought home after the shoot.  We are so loving the criss-cross front lace detail :)
 In Bambi lace top and ripped white jeans for the last day before heading to the airport.  Someone commented on my Ig saying that I&#…

Essential Facial @The DRx Medispa

I hope you are not tired of me blogging about DRx yet but I need to say, their products and services are indeed worth the rave! First post was on my visit to The DRx Medispa for their Tricho hair treatment and the previous one was to The DRx Clinic for skin consultation.
 Today's entry is on their award winning facial at The DRx Medispa.  Am I confusing you already? DRx is both located at 14th and 16th storey of Tong Building. 
The warm and cosy waiting area
To start things off, we began with Double Cleansing using their very own Derma-Rx foam cleanser to remove my makeup.  It is good that the products they used are those that I'm familiar with which I know it's suitable for my skin! 
Next up, Ultrasonic Cleansing.  Ultrasonic Cleansing uses an ultrasound device to eliminate dead cells from the skin surface and loosen impurities, oil and comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) that are embedded in pore. The blackheads are then easily extracted without damage to the surrounding skin.…

Clarins Body S.O.S; #ohvolaootds

Saturday saw us heading town for Clarins Body S.O.S event.  It was a rainy morning and I had a hard time dragging myself out of those sheets.  I don't even get up this early on weekdays you see..  But so glad I did because it was indeed an enriching session with Clarins.  I learnt so much about the different types of cellulite on our body and how we should target it with Clarins' body lift/body shape products before it becomes really stubborn ones. 
Yes unfortunately I do have cellulite too :(  I always thought it will only hit me after I have my own kids.  Oh well I shall start using them diligently every night and review when it works for me! 
With the sister and Janice dear who's getting prettier by the day! 
Happy to see fellow gushers Auds Joanna and Donna there, not forgetting Tricia :) 
Way too excited for these Clarins babies to work their magic, especially on my thighs :)   Go away cellulite* 
Can't remember the last time I wore such a bright crimson piece This upcom…

DRx; my savior.

A picture taken on 15th Aug 2012 to kickstart my blogpost for The DRx Clinicaka my savior.  Ready?   . . . . . . . . . . . Embrace. My worst outbreak ever 2 years back.   It definitely took a lot of courage to post this pic up but yup this was my skin condition during my first visit to The DRx Clinic 2 years ago.
I've set memories of that bad past to rest and I almost couldn't remember how unhealthy my skin was until Dr David flipped through my records and I knew I had to show you guys how The DRx Clinic saved my complexion.   My skin started breaking out with all the huge pimples below my cheeks on both sides of my face ever since I started travelling to GZ for work.  It was so depressing as there were visible bumps all over and even makeup couldn't conceal them.  And when my guy friend asked bluntly 'What happened to your face man?', I realized I had to seek help.
I'm so glad I decided to seek treatment professionally because I cannot imagine how bad the con…