Clarins Body S.O.S; #ohvolaootds

Saturday saw us heading town for Clarins Body S.O.S event. 
It was a rainy morning and I had a hard time dragging myself out of those sheets. 
I don't even get up this early on weekdays you see.. 
But so glad I did because it was indeed an enriching session with Clarins. 
I learnt so much about the different types of cellulite on our body and how we should target it with Clarins' body lift/body shape products before it becomes really stubborn ones. 

Yes unfortunately I do have cellulite too :( 
I always thought it will only hit me after I have my own kids. 
Oh well I shall start using them diligently every night and review when it works for me! 

With the sister and Janice dear who's getting prettier by the day! 

Happy to see fellow gushers Auds Joanna and Donna there, not forgetting Tricia :) 

Way too excited for these Clarins babies to work their magic, especially on my thighs :)  
Go away cellulite* 

Can't remember the last time I wore such a bright crimson piece
This upcoming Selfridge dress launching on Monday is perfect for dates/ special occasions!
If you're not so much of a red person, it does come in black as well :) 
It can be your next little black dress with a twist! 

Laced back romper in Tiffany :) 
Decided to manufacture this sexy back number in pastel colours instead, not b&w since it's meant to be a weekend wear!
I like how this romper doubles up a dress because of its pleated and flare bottom. 

Our model Amelia looking way gorgeous in this romper in nude pink!

The other day in Constance Skorts and a denim cotton shirt launched sometime back.

L'amore backless dress is one of the highlights of our collection!
Kept a piece in wine for myself but haven't found a chance to wear it, waiting for my friends to get married already haha
I always look forward to shoots with Symone, except that she makes me feel fat modeling beside her cos she's just so slim..
And who says models are just another pretty face? Symone just guaduated from RJC man, so proud of her :)
Alright thankyou for dropping by, enjoy the rest of your weekends!

Till then.. 


  1. Hi Jolene! what size should a uk 8 to 10 for bottoms get for the Constance Skorts? Thanks!

    1. Hi there! SizeM for uk8 sizeL for uk10 but if you're in between, I'd suggest to size up;)


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