L’Oreal True Match

 In one of my recent entries, I mentioned about how going on work trips often screwed up my complexion. 
Each time, my skin takes a month or so to clear up and return to its usual state.
The worst part is that my itchy fingers just can't leave my face alone..

During the 'recovery' period, I tend to search for good makeup base/foundation to get the blemishes all covered up. Lucky me this time, I was introduced L’Oreal True Match. 

L’Oreal True Match is a revamp of the brand's best-selling foundation back in 2006. 
Right now, this new improved version of True Match has colour-matching abilities thanks to L’Oreal's Opti-match technology, which is based on an in-depth analysis of Asian women's skin. 

Discovering a perfect foundation for your skin is like finding your one true match in life!
By knowing your flaws and bringing out the best in you
By boosting your confidence and gets you ready to take on the day

Meet le teint TRUE MATCH; the super blendable liquid foundation with SPF 17PA ++

It contains Hyaluronic Acid which helps to keep your skin moisturized for 24 hours even when you’re out on the go!  
New ultra-fine pigment for an even more precise match to your skin tone and outstanding coverage for a flawless look.

L'Oreal True Match also promises to improve skin quality in 2 weeks of usage. 
For real? It's indeed amazing how a liquid foundation can improve one's complexion after 2 weeks!
Best of all, it contains no oils, fragrances or pore-clogging fillers. Can't wait for it to work its magic on my skin!

To be honest, I do not own any liquid foundation in my makeup pouch as I find the foundation I bought a few years back way too thick and heavy that my skin was unable to breathe leading to clogged pores.
Once clogged pores are formed on the skin, the skin tone turns uneven and it will not be easy to blend the liquid for a natural look. 

However L’Oreal True Match is completely different from the one I used to own.
Instant results with just 1 light pump and a thin layer on my face.
There is zero visible blemish & pores! 
It totally covered the little redness below my nose and I no longer need to use concealer to cover the dark eye rings, yay! 

I used to apply this particular BB cream I got from Hongkong as it gives me the really glowy and radiance look. 
I have a relatively normal skin type and adapted well to most of the products I've had. However, my skin had a bad reaction after a short period of using BB cream X, it became so oily that I started having breakouts. And since then I've been extra cautious when selecting foundation. 

You know how some liquid foundation is so heavy that it makes your face look so cakey till the extent of it looks like it's cracking? 
Good thing about True Match is that it isnt too greasy yet not very matt at the same time.  

Medium to high coverage: 6 shades to choose from (R2, R1, N4, N1, N7, G3 ) 
With its perfect coverage, the six shades leave no streaks or marks! 

Out of the 6 shades, I applied N1, nude ivory on my face as blends into my skin perfectly. 
I cannot emphasize enough the importance of choosing the right shade of foundation for your face. 
You don't want to end up looking like you're wearing a mask right?

Here's a before and after application of True Match liquid foundation on a molely mango 
Get more than perfect coverage with this light-weight yet high coverage foundation! 
The black dots and uneven colour tone have all been covered under the thin layer of liquid foundation. 

Love how my skin looks almost flawless after 2-3pumps on the entire face! 

L'Oreal True Match contains SPF 17 which is pretty low in my opinion, hence it is not advised to eliminate applying your sunblock below it. 
The texture is light and my skin feels very 'breathable' even after using it for the whole day.  
I love this foundation to bits! 
With its perfect coverage, variety of shades, no signs of breakouts and very affordable pricing (retailing at $30.90), what's there not to love about it? 

So… If you want to win a $150 L’Oreal Paris hamper, check out @lorealparissg on IG for more details ! Good luck :)

Till then.. 


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